Velvet furniture to have a “Fancy Space”

Velvet furniture? Not so common now but bohemian enough, glamorous and old at the same time to turn a space into something fancy. If you take a walk in the windows of some furniture store, you probably find many leather options but they always have a special space for velvet furniture that is never out […]


Have you been thinking how boring your walls look without a different decoration? We want to convince you that having a space to live can be pleasing to the eye every day if you choose the right elements. We have prepared 6 ideas on how to style your walls with super simple ideas that you […]


The rooms in your home are the collection center for things that you do not use or do not even need. But we ignore that it is the space that we use every day to sleep and for that reason, it must be in harmony to provide real hours of rest and peace. The minimalist […]

7 Smart Ways to Decorate the Dead Space Under Your Stairs

Here are 7 Smart Ways to Decorate the Dead Space Under Your Stairs, from Apartment Therapy, The dead space underneath your stairs can be tricky. On one hand, that pocket of square footage holds a lot of potential when it comes to storage or creative decor. On the other hand, the cramped quarters and angular […]

7 Summer Tablecloths That Are Stylish, Not Stuffy

Here are 7 Summer Tablecloths That Are Stylish, Not Stuffy, from Apartment Therapy Sure, there are a lot of tablecloths out there that feel a bit too fancy or frilly—but there are also so many modern, stylish options that cannot be missed. Whether you’re hosting indoors or on the back patio this summer, your table […]

35 of the Very Best Ideas and Solutions for Your Small Kitchen

Here you have 35 of the very best ideas and solutions for your small kitchen; from Apartment Therapy So you’ve got a tiny kitchen. Whether a rental space or something to call your own, a foot or two of counter space and maybe a wall to work with if you’re lucky doesn’t leave a ton […]