Go Bold With This Simple, Yet Classic, Color Combination

Go Bold With This Simple, Yet Classic, Color Combination

Check out these basic black & white design ideas; from Apartment Therapy If you’re from the school of thought that black and white is a boring, predictable color scheme, we’re here to change your minds. When used in collaboration with the correct furniture, accessories, and lighting, you’ll be surprised at how much of a bold […]

The Best Colors for Every Room in Your Home

The Best Colors for Every Room in Your Home

Check out this color ideas for every room in your home, from Apartment Therapy Paint color is all about creating an ambience for your home. That’s why it’s important to select paint colors based on how you want a room to feel instead of mindlessly adhering to trends. To prove our point, we called on […]

10 Colors to Complement Blue in Your Home

Here 10 colors to complement blue in your home, from Apartment Therapy We love blue interiors. We see dark navy and pale robin’s egg walls a lot in catalogs and magazine photos, but blue is not a color we see all that frequently in real-life homes. It’s not as easy to work with as brown […]

How to Fit a Pool into a Small Backyard

Here are 12 small pools for small backyards; from Apartment Therapy You don’t have to have a big backyard to fit in a pool—and if you do have a big backyard, the pool doesn’t have to take up the entire thing. We’ve got plenty of examples of less-than-enormous backyards where homeowners have squeezed in a […]

How to Make Mismatched Decor Feel Cohesive

Here are some ideas to your mismatched decor; from Apartment Therapy We’ve all been there—trying to decorate a first apartment or home on a beer budget when you have champagne taste. Hand-me-downs often come easy from parents, older siblings, and other relatives, and free is a beautiful thing. Remember: Pieces that mean something will always be […]


Here are 10 ideas to made a great divison of space in your studio apartment; from Top Inspired When you live in a single room it is a great idea to find ways to divide the space in your studio apartment. By dividing your studio apartment into multiple rooms, you can transform a small space […]