Incorporate the Geometric Decor Trend in your Home

We love different, novel and unusual details. The trend of geometric decor brings a bit of that that can be integrated into all spaces of your home without requiring an abrupt change of furniture. Each of these options is perfectly applicable in any type of decoration with which you have initially started. It is best […]

Christmas Decor Ideas To Make With Toddlers

Christmas is just around the corner, and the little ones on the house know it (and some big ones too), with great illusion for it. The festive atmosphere on the streets makes it easier for the whole family to get in the holiday mood. Your house, of course, must be decorated according to the occasion, […]

Get the Bath Rug that You Didn’t Know you Needed!

There are many things at home that we ignore buying or we postpone for eternity because we believe that they are things that our mother would do but that we do not need. The truth is that those things that we do not need, can be the perfect decoration complemen if we need to improve […]

Get Ideas to Set and Appropriate your Next College Room

If your college life is about to begin, you are probably already beginning to miss the room order /disorder and all that furniture that you’ll not be able to move to your new room. You may even have to share a room – we cross fingers to love your roomie – and you should reduce […]

Improve your Floating Shelves Decor with Small Changes

Don’t let your floating shelves get stuck with books, unused items or an accumulation of bills. Keep a minimalist decoration that manages to show order and cleanliness. We want to show you how you can improve your current decoration without changing the actual furniture. From the pieces we have in stock in our new online […]

New Nursery Room Decor Trends, You Need To Try ASAP

New Nursery Room Decor Trends, You Need To Try ASAP

Your baby is soon to come? Maybe it’s time for starting your baby nursery room. Surely you have thought on more than one occasion of the different ways to decorate it, to create a unique and special space, cozy enough for having a good rest and hours of fun, and all at the same time. […]