5 Reasons You Should Add a Round Mirror to Your Space

Check out these 5 reasons to add a round mirror to your space; from Apartment Therapy  Did you know the mirror, as we know it today, was invented fewer than 200 years ago? According to LiveScience, in 1835 German chemist Justus von Liebig coated a pane of glass with a thin layer of metallic silver […]

7 Bold Bohemian Rooms Maximalists Will Love

Here are 7 bold bohemian rooms, from Apartment Therapy Bohemian looks have always been trendy, but not many people go full-blown flower-child in their homes. If you’re a true maximalist at heart and love going full steam with a trend, then you will love the maximalist bohemian aesthetic. Utilizing bold, look-at-me wallpaper prints, a dizzying […]

10 Black Rooms that Will Make You Embrace the Dark Side

Here are 10 stylish black rooms; from Apartment Therapy You don’t have to be afraid of going black with your walls. The color might have the reputation of being gloomy and moody, but when done right it’s anything but depressing. In fact, using black is a surefire way to add a touch of elegance, creativity, […]

How to Arrange your Room to be a Place of Rest and not Stress

After more than 12 hours awake, your room is the last place you arrive and where you want to feel that you have left the rest of the day, the noise and everything that worries you at work or school. But many times for the routine, our rest space becomes a continuation of that day […]

Studio Apartments That Don’t Feel like Studios at All

Check out these 5 studios apartments that don’t feel like studios at all; from Apartment Therapy Studio living comes with a lot of perks, like saving money on rent and living closer to a city’s urban action. But it comes at a price, too—mainly having to sleep, eat, work and exist, all in one room. […]

One Smart Way to Make your Kitchen Feel Much Larger

Check out these smart way to make your kitchen feel much larger; from Apartment Therapy One of the most popular (and also one of the most controversial) kitchen design trends of the past few years has been open shelving. Replacing your upper cabinets with open shelving gives your kitchen a lighter, more open look, and […]