8 Unique Engagement And Wedding Rings, For The Modern Bride

An engagement ring, as its name suggests, is one that is used before the wedding to demonstrate interest in the other person. This ring is usually placed on the ring finger and the hand varies depending on the region of the planet on which we are. Most of all, the engagement ring is offered by […]

Pretty in Pink: Celebs Can’t Get Enough of This Unexpected Engagement Ring Trend

Check out this unexpected engagement ring trend; from Pure Wow Truth be told, we spend an unholy amount of time poring over engagement rings. But one recent jewelry trend has captivated us body, mind and soul: pink sapphires. From royalty (see: Princess Eugenie’s peach-toned padparadscha rock) to Hollywood (see: Lady Gaga’s now-annulled petal pink sparkler), we […]

7 New Engagement Ring Designers You Need to Know

Check out these 7 New Engagement Ring Designers You Need to Know, from Brides, For some soon-to-be-brides, a ring from an up-and-coming jewelry designer is a more interesting choice whether it’s with a classic style or contemporary design. No matter your preference, taking stock of brand new baubles is always fun and recently, new bridal […]

47 Ruby Red Engagement Rings Ideas & Styles

Here are 47 Ruby Red Engagement Rings Ideas & Styles, from Brides, Rubies may be not be the first stone that comes to mind when thinking about an engagement ring, but ruby engagement rings have a long history of symbolizing love, courage, passion, and protection. About as distinguished as you can get, rubies were once […]


Check out these 10 tips for taking the perfect ring selfie; from Something Turquoise Woo who!! You just got engaged! It’s time to make it Instagram official and post that fabulous ring selfie. And we want it to be perfect, just like the stunning diamond on your finger and your handsome new fiancé! We are […]

21 of the Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings Ever

From Beyoncé to Elizabeth Taylor here are 21 of the Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings Ever, from Brides, Celebrity engagement rings are unsurprisingly getting bigger and bigger (um, have you seen tennis player Caroline Wozniacki’s massive bauble?). As the diamonds increase in size, obviously the price tag appreciates handsomely. Lucky for the rest of you […]