Understanding The 4 C’s of Your Engagement Ring

From Woman Getting Married check out this article about Understanding The 4 C’s of Your Engagement Ring, Choosing an engagement ring isn’t easy, and not just because there are so many options out there. Millennials spend an average of $3,000 when it comes time to pop the question, and you shouldn’t drop that chunk of […]

25 Marquise Engagement Rings That Prove The Style Is Totally Back

Here are 25 marquise engagement rings that prove the style is totally back; from Brides When you think of marquise engagement rings, it’s possible that your face twinges with a look of repulsion. Okay, that’s dramatic, but you get what we mean—the engagement ring style hasn’t exactly been known to be the most cutting edge […]

30 Awesome Ways To Show Off Your Engagement Ring

Here are 30 awesome ways to show off your engagement ring; from Weddingomania Finally u got it! Now you have a perfect engagement ring that you’ve always dreamed of and of course you wanna show it to the whole world! The ring selfie is something sacred and of course you may show it off during […]

10 Exquisite Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings

Here are 10 exquisite cushion cut engagement rings; from Brides There’s many reasons why cushion-cut engagement rings are so popular. Classic and versatile, a cushion-cut diamond looks just as good as a solitaire as it does set in a halo or three-stone setting. Defined by their rounded corners and 58 brilliant-style facets that resemble a […]


Here are more than 10 round and classic engagement rings; from Wedding Forward Round engagement rings are one of the most popular rings nowadays. The round cut is a classic and timeless diamond shape. These rings are pretty and favorite of brides-to-be. Round cut engagement rings have many variations. The most sparkle will be diamond […]


Here are 36 stunning bridal sets that will conquer her heart; from Wedding Forward Bridal sets should have a perfect look. Once you’re presented with an engagement ring, it’s time to start thinking about wedding bands. Its very important to know, how two rings will look together. So you can purchase the wedding band later, to make […]