Odd New Year’s Traditions You May Wanna Try

There’s a lot of Christmas advice everywhere right now, about your dinner party, your dress, and mostly decor, but we must not forget that just after Christmas we have the New Year’s celebrations, and you have to be prepared. We know you are tired just to think about it, but we really don’t want you […]

Theodora Quinlivan, Chanel Recent Star!

“My name is Teddy. I am a transgender woman. I lived my whole life as a man, but I always felt that I was faking it,” The young woman said in a video announcing to the fashion industry her real identity. Hours after making the announcement, she prepared for Marc Jacobs’ runway show and dedicated […]

10 First Steps To Start A Zero Waste Lifestyle

The ‘Zero Waste’ movement defends responsible consumption and the reuse of products to protect the environment. This movement is based on the 5 “R” rule: reject what we do not need, reduce what we need, reuse containers and materials and opt for second-hand consumption, recycle everything that cannot be rejected or reduced and ‘rot ‘, […]

The New Angeles Of Victoria. Who are Winnie Harlow, Lorena Durán and Valentina Sampaio?

After a series of unfortunate events that began with the strong statements of Ed Rezek, followed by the resignation of Karlie Kloss and finished off with the cancellation of the annual Victoria’s Secret show, the famous women’s lingerie company has begun to take an unprecedented turn in the industry. And as a first look at […]

This June, Show Your Pride!

Have you ever wondered why June is the LGBT pride month? Do we celebrate or do we commemorate something? What’s its real meaning? Every year around the world, June becomes the most colorful month, full of activities, which demand the equality of rights for the LGBT community. You just have to look back to U.S. […]