Refined And Glam Forest Wedding In Washington

Chek out this Refined And Glam Forest Wedding In Washington, from Weddingomania This wedding should be seen at least because of the longest reception table in the woods These wedding pics are sure to catch your eye at least because of the longest wedding reception table you can imagine! Let’s take a look at them. […]

23 Super Cute Lesbian Wedding Ideas

Here are 23 super cute lesbian wedding ideas, from Buzzfeed:  Because two brides are better than one! 1. Show your pride with a rainbow cake. Facebook: Mollys-Creative-Cakes 2. Or have a cake that only reveals its true colours later on. AMP Photography / / Via 3. A Katy Perry-inspired engagement photo. Via Not everyone’s thing, but this one is […]

Ways Same-Sex Couples Can Personalize Wedding Ceremony Traditions


Photo: Courtesy of Cean One Studios Same-sex weddings may present the engaged couple, and perhaps the wedding officiant, with certain dilemmas concerning some wedding ceremony traditions. Today we offer some ways same-sex couples can personalize wedding ceremony traditions to fit their particular wedding ceremony. Do you have two grooms or two brides or neither? Who gives […]