Get Some Independence Day Vibes On Your 4th Of July Outfit, With These Ideas.

July 4th is just around the corner, and maybe you have not had time to think about your outfit  yet. The bars and stars are the official pattern of this holiday. However do not despair, you do not have to repeat the same shirt every year. Here we bring you a couple of ideas, so […]

20 Years Have Passed And Baby Phat Is Finally Back!

Back in 1999, KImora Lee Simons, launched Baby Phat. It was a huge fashion week presentation, all over the top, in Times Square and Radio City Hall. The front row was always star-studded. Baby Phat became a billion-dollar company, under Simmons Leissner’s creative direction. Sadly, when the Great Recession hit, and sales quickly slowed Kellwood […]

Get style outfits by adding fashionable belts

We usually ignore belts because they are uncomfortable or not as easy to wear as a blouse or shorts. But they really are that accessory that can completely turn an outfit if you get the perfect fashionable belt. If in your closet you keep the most common belts that always combine with everything, you should […]

Your “True Blue” Heels For Any Occasion

Nothing makes your look stand out more than the perfect blue heels! Blue color evokes peace, sky, water, sea, space, air,  and tranquillity. Along with red, it is the color of the kings, night, and fidelity. In many religions it is the color of the Gods. In Egypt, Amon has the blue skin, in Indian, […]