How to Pull Off Off-The-Shoulder Shirts

Here is how to pull off off-the-shoulder shirts, from Pretty Designs:  Off the shoulder shirts are shirts that hang off of one or both of your shoulders. They can be a trendy fashion statement. However, they can also look disastrously wrong if you wear them incorrectly. If you want to try out this style but are afraid […]

21 Cute Summer Outfits You’ll Love This Season

Here are 21 cute summer outfits you will love this season, from Stay Glam:  Summer is coming so it’s time to get some outfit inspiration. If you start now you can be ahead of the fashion pack when the warm weather arrives. There are so many new styles to choose from for the season. So, to […]

10 Off the Shoulder Tops Worth Looking For

Here are 10 off the shoulder tops worth looking for, from Glam Radar: It’s now spring and soon will be summer and off-the-shoulder tops will be flying off the shelves. Off-the-shoulder tops are always a great look for summer and spring. Here are a few off-the-shoulder tops that look good with just about anything and for […]

5 More Ways to Style your Scarf

Here are 5 more ways to style your scarf, from Glam Radar:     Choose Color Another one of the more ways to style your scarf is to choose a style with a fresh color. Be it fuchsia or neon yellow, a colored scarf can add the much-needed kick to your Plain Jane outfit. A vibrant scarf […]

21 Easy & Trendy Work Outfits for Spring

Here are 21 easy and trendy work outfits for spring, from Stay Glam:  Most of us spend a lot of time at work so the outfits we choose for the working week are important. Just as we do with our casual clothes, we should change our work clothes to match the season. Now spring has begun, […]