10 Comfortable Summer Shorts You Can Wear In The Office While Looking Professional

Shorts are a fashion icon itself, not usually related with office outfits because of its length, and defenitely for its reputation as a relaxing garment. However, the new fashion trends, took this piece of clothing and adapted it to a formal enviroment. Now a days you can found a classic jean shorts, but also an […]

Albino Male Models You Must Start Following On Instagram Right Now!

Albinism, is a hereditary metabolic disorder, which lacks the enzyme that is responsible for the pigmentation of skin and hair. In Africa people with albinism,  are usually considered witches, demon possessed, or sick. Although in the rest of the world the situation of albinos has almost always lived with their backs to them, especially in […]

How to Transform your Old Jeans Jacket into a New Stylish Piece

If you have been attentive to the latest trends, you will have seen that the jackets have taken off. Whether it’s jeans jackets or leather jackets, they’re part of the latest outfit ideas you’ll find on Instagram. We love to help you to reinvent yourself with style and that is why we have searched for […]

Get Some Independence Day Vibes On Your 4th Of July Outfit, With These Ideas.

July 4th is just around the corner, and maybe you have not had time to think about your outfit  yet. The bars and stars are the official pattern of this holiday. However do not despair, you do not have to repeat the same shirt every year. Here we bring you a couple of ideas, so […]

20 Years Have Passed And Baby Phat Is Finally Back!

Back in 1999, KImora Lee Simons, launched Baby Phat. It was a huge fashion week presentation, all over the top, in Times Square and Radio City Hall. The front row was always star-studded. Baby Phat became a billion-dollar company, under Simmons Leissner’s creative direction. Sadly, when the Great Recession hit, and sales quickly slowed Kellwood […]