Show Off Unique and Designer Swimsuits this Summer

Your social media accounts have probably been attacked by constant publicity of brands that sell super cheap swimsuits, and although that seems tempting, can you imagine how many women are buying it? You don’t want to go to the beach and bump into another girl with the same design or maybe the same pattern. We […]

How To Choose Your Ideal Swimsuit According To Your Body Shape

Summer aka: Bikini season has already started! Sometimes it can get a bit hard to find a swimsuit that fits properly and at the same time makes you feel comfy in your own skin. To that we add more pressure with TV, magazines, and social media telling us how we are supposed to look. Don’t […]

From The 1920s Wool Swimsuits To The 2019s Wide Freedom Of Movement Swimwear

It was not until the beginning of the 19th century that swimming became a recreational activity. Both men and women enjoyed the water with clothes. They wore dresses and underneath long pants, and hats to keep their skin completely pale, which at that time was a symbol of social status. Until the arrival of the […]

Kylie Jenner Best Swimsuits Styles For You To Copy This Summer

Like any celebrity, Kylie Jenner doesn’t stop reinventing herself, whether she’s launching a new makeup line, winning a prize as a young businesswoman or surprising us with a striking and radical change of look. The truth is that we can’t stop seeing her! A few days before the summer start (officially), we bring you a […]

31 Amazing Plus Size Swimsuits You Can Buy Right Now — Including A Bunch Under $50

Here are 31 Amazing Plus Size Swimsuits You Can Buy Right Now — Including A Bunch Under $50, from Bustle, In my experience, there are really only highs and lows when it comes to swimsuit shopping. And when it comes to plus size swimsuit shopping? Well, it’s easy to think there are a lot more […]

Old Navy’s Swimwear & Bikinis Start At $19 So You Have More Money For Pina Coladas

Check out Old Navy’s Swimwear & Bikinis, from Bustle Even though it’s fun to ball up your parka and shove it into a dark corner in your closet for the next several months, summer comes with its own set of drawbacks. Specifically, it’s expensive. But Old Navy’s new swimwear collection (available in sizes XS-4X) will […]