Everything That You Need To Know About Getting A Mandala Tattoo

Everything That You Need To Know About Getting A Mandala Tattoo

Here are 18 creative and unique mandala tattoo design for stylish people; from Glaminati These days a tattooed body won’t surprise anyone. However, while the tattoo art is thriving everyone wishes to be unique in their own unique ways, and that means that a tattoo artist needs to be very creative or it is you […]

Pretty Sunflower Tattoo Ideas to Copy Now

Here are 10 pretty sunflower tattoo ideas; from Stay Glam Sunflowers have been inspiring many tattoos. This is not only because they are beautiful and bright, but also because the flowers are a symbol of happiness, luck, hope, and loyalty. With a sunflower tattoo, you can have a stunning floral design that also has a […]

Unique & Cute Wedding Ring Tattoos for Newlyweds

The wedding ring tattoos have become very popular in recent years. It is a different way of showing commitment, you can personalize it, they can adjust better to your budget and they are a permanent action. If before you had considered this option to make a wedding ring tattoos, you also need to know details […]


Check out these 18 minimalist tattoo designs; from Glaminati A minimalist tattoo is basically a tiny design that does not draw attention much to itself. Many people choose to get such tattoo designs because they can be easily hidden, altered, and even removed if necessary. In case you consider getting a small tattoo, here are […]

Rose Tattoos Ideas For Your Next Visit To The Tattoo Studio

Check out these rose tattoos ideas; from Glaminati Rose tattoos seem to never lose their popularity as they are chosen by both women and men worldwide. Why do people keep embellishing their bodies with the rose tattoo art? Well, first of all, there is no doubt that a rose is among the most beautiful flowers. […]

How to Wear Trendy Nose Piercings

Of all the body modifications and piercings, nose piercing has become trendy. Piercing can change one’s appearance. Jewelry of different designs and appeal are also used in piercings to make them more unique. However, it is best for newcomers to learn more about this body modification before opting for one. People get piercings on different […]