Floral Tattoo Designs For Spring, More Than A Cliché

With the proximity of spring, everything is filled with flowers in the environment, and in the fashion world, so it is normal every year to see thousands of floral designs for these times. Do not feel overwhelmed, and take advantage of the proximity of the season, to be inspired by the best floral designs, for […]

Soak up Many Ideas to Get a UV Tattoo

The new and famous UV Tattoos are also known as “Black Light Tattoos” which are created using ultraviolet-reactive ink, and while UV tattoos are quasi-invisible in plain daylight, they shine under an ultraviolet black-light bulb. UV ink is thinner and harder to work with. This is why it is important to make sure the tattoo […]

Small White Tattoo for those Afraid of Ink

The first thing people say about tattoos is “-You must think about it because it is a mark for a lifetime” and in fact, they are not wrong to warn you. Tattoos are that decision that is not thought with the pillow, but it is worth putting a meaning on that which you plan to […]

Impressive Leg Sleeve Tattoos Trends for Women

Leg Sleeve Tattoos

We remain amazed at how the ink continues to become addiction for those who try it. It seems insignificant to get a tattoo until you have left the studio of your tattoo artist and are already planning the next three. Has it happened to you? Until very recently, tattoos began to normalize a little more […]

7 Embroidery Tattoos That Even Your Grandma Will Love!

Embroidered tattoos with realistic effects are the new trend in tattoo studios, and they are causing a stir similar to what watercolor tattoos once had. The designs of embroidered tattoos are so detailed, that they really achieve the realistic effect of having threads cooked to your skin, it’s just amazing. A very good optical illusion artwork. […]

4 Nose Piercings Styles And Some Ideas For You To Choose The One For You

Did you know that the nose is the favorite place for women to get a piercing? A nose piercing is very common thing in countries like India, since it is part of their culture and religion, they used to pierce their nose before the wedding, as a symbol of fertility. These ring-shaped piercings are called […]