Do you think that dragonflies are an attractive insect? They have many interesting shapes and appear on special occasions. According to the story, it is said that a dragonfly is a¬†fairy and from that belief start curious meanings that are attributed to these creatures. We will show you some dragonfly tattoos based on this beautiful […]

Top 5 Female Tattoo Artists You Should Consider For Your Next Tattoo

In 1877, in the County of Lyon, Kansas, Maud Wagner was born, best known for being the first female tattoo artist. Many years have passed since that day and many things have changed. Like all of them, the tattoo industry grew in a dizzying way both in techniques and technology, and women have been a […]

4 Discreet Places to Show Off Spectacular Piercings

Perforations have always been an art that uses your body as a canvas to show a unique style and piercings are part of this. For some people piercings can even cause significant problems to have. But we have listed 4 piercing placements where you could show off and enjoy yourself. 1. Rook Piercings Your rook […]

11 Bracelet Tattoo Ideas To Replace Jewelry

Here you have 11 bracelet tattoo ideas to replace jewelry; from Stay Glam 1. STYLISH GEOMETRIC BRACELET We have a trendy tattoo idea to share with you. This design is a black ink bracelet with a cut-out pattern. The pattern features diamonds shapes that have not been colored in with the ink. It is a […]

Bracelet Tattoo Ideas That Look Like Jewelry

Check out these 10 bracelet tattoo ideas that look like jewelry; from Stay Glam Thinking about getting a stylish new tattoo? If so, you should consider choosing a bracelet tattoo! Bracelet tattoos are placed on the wrist and can often look like a gorgeous piece of jewelry. You can have any pattern tattooed and these […]