Pretty Butterfly Tattoo Designs and Placement Ideas

Check out these 10 pretty butterfly tattoo designs and placement ideas; from Stay Glam Butterflies are very popular tattoo designs for women. This is for many reasons including their beauty and that they are symbols of transformation, love and femininity. If that wasn’t enough, butterfly tattoos look stunning on anyone and there are so many […]

Ankle Tattoos You’ll Consider for Your Next Ink Decision

Check out these ankle tattoos you’ll consider for your next ink decision; from Stay Glam 1. WRAP AROUND ANKLE TATTOO One cool tattoo design you can try is an anklet. These tattoos are just like the jewelry and they beautifully wrap around your ankle. Here is a gorgeous design idea. Here we have an ankle […]

Pretty Ankle Tattoos Every Woman Would Want

Check out these 10 ankle tattoo ideas; from Stay Glam Ankle tattoos are very versatile. You can choose a design that is small and subtle or big and bold. Not only that but these tattoos can be covered up and shown off when you choose. As you would expect with any tattoo, an ankle tattoo […]

Brother and Sister Tattoo Ideas to Show Your Bond

Check out these 13 brother and sister tattoo ideas to show your bond, from Stay Glam 1. CUTE DOT TATTOO Next, we have another cool tattoo that represents the amount of brothers and sisters in your family and when each one was born. Each sibling has four dots, but one of the dots is a […]

Awesome Brother and Sister Tattoos to Show Your Bond

Check out these 10 awesome brother and sister tattoos to show your bond; from Stay Glam One of the closest friends and family members you will have in your life is your brother or your sister. Celebrate this life long bond with a tattoo! A tattoo can be a permanent and stylish way to show […]

Fine Line Tattoo Ideas For The Inner Minimalist

Check out these fine line tattoo ideas for your inner minimalist; from Elle Australia If you subscribe to the minimalist mantra of ‘less is more’, you’re going to love the new tattoo trend taking over Instagram: line tattoos. From continuous one-line designs of feminine silhouettes and abstract faces, to delicate floral work, there’s something for […]