8 Creative Ways to Serve Pizza at Your Wedding

Here are 8 creative ways to serve pizza at your wedding; from Brides Is there anything better than a slice of pizza? Well, maybeeee your fiancé (it honestly might be a toss up). So why not combine your two great loves by serving pizza at your wedding? Turns out, there are some super easy and […]

25 Delicious Vegan Wedding Food Ideas

Delicious Vegan Wedding Food

Here are 25 Delicious Vegan Wedding Food Ideas, from Weddingomania We continue sharing ideas for those of you who are vegans. You may see some sustainable wedding ideas, vegan wedding cakes and vegan appetizers and today I decided to share some ideas on vegan dishes that you can include into your wedding menu. Ready to […]

25 Delicious And Healthy Vegan Wedding Appetizers

Here are 25 Delicious And Healthy Vegan Wedding Appetizers, from Weddingomania If you two are vegans are going for a vegan wedding, this roundup is for you – we’ve gathered a whole bunch of delicious, healthy and cool-looking vegan wedding appetizers that will please even carnivore guests. Delicious vegan bruschettas, crostini, canapes, pizzas, tartlets, cups […]

Prosecco Wedding Ideas for Those Who Love Bubbly

Who doesn’t love prosecco? It’s fun, it’s bubbly and it tastes good – and it’s more affordable than champagne! There’s a lot to be said about prosecco so we’ve rounded up the best prosecco wedding ideas for you; from Confetti If you’re not too keen on prosecco and are looking for alternative drink ideas at […]

3 Wedding Food Trends For 2019 And 25 Examples

Here are 3 wedding food trends for 2019 and 25 examples; from Weddingomania Weddings aren’t only about style, they are also about decor, attire, entertainments and of course tasty food and drinks. We’ve already shared some hot catering trends, and today we’ll take a look at more of them – food and cake trends that […]

25 Warming Up Winter Wedding Menu Ideas

Here are 25 warming up winter wedding menu ideas; from Weddingomania Winter wedding season is soon to start, and some of you may want some advice to make your wedding perfect. Today’s roundup is dedicated to winter wedding menus: let’s see what to serve to your guests to excite them and to warm them up […]