Make your Guest Book an Unforgettable Memory with These Ideas!

Make a memory that your party, wedding, baby shower or bridal shower guests will remember forever! That’s why we think that whatever guest book you choose, you should like it very much so you can treasure it forever and not put it on any other shelf in the closet. Here we share some of the […]

8 Braided Hairstyles for Summer Weddings Guests

Every wedding party has its princess a.k.a, the bride, but that doesn’t mean that you, as wedding guests are not allowed to also look spectacular. But there’s a fine line between looking glamorous and taking away all the spot lights. If you want to try some of the braided hairstyles for summer wedding guests, we […]

Elegant Dresses, For Wedding Guests Who Want To Stand Out

When you are invited to a wedding, before you even start searching for your dress for the night, you must consider the dress code for the event. It is a beach wedding? an indoor summer wedding? a theme wedding? a casual wedding? or.. our favourite: a formal, elegant wedding? If the last one is your […]

4 Fashion Stylists on Their Tips for Being the Best-Dressed Wedding Guest

Check out these 4 Fashion Stylists on Their Tips for Being the Best-Dressed Wedding Guest, from Brides, For fashion-focused wedding guests, the thought of what to wear is typically the first to strike after receiving a save the date. From unique silhouettes to modern prints and eye-catching accessories, there are a lot of ways to […]

26 Coolest Wedding Guest Dresses To Try

Check out these 26 coolest wedding guest dresses to try; from Weddingomania A dress is the most popular clothes item to wear to a wedding, if we take ladies. A dress is easy to style and it always works – you just need to choose a silhouette that works for you and consider the wedding […]

25 Wedding Guest Outfits Of What You Already Own

Check out these 25 wedding guest outfits of what you already own; from Weddingomania You are invited to a wedding and are puzzling over what to choose – totally no ideas! The most popular idea for a wedding guest is a dress but what if you don’t have a proper one at hand and don’t […]