Ultimate Guide of Basic Makeup Brushes you Need to Get Started

Girls who read us and often say that makeup is not their thing, let us tell you that they are very wrong. They don’t need makeup specializations to run the minimum and perform at least the basic of every day. We love to help you so if you are planning to start in the world […]

The Freshest Ideas about Fall Makeup Looks to Renew your Catalog

Makeup lovers, attention! Prepare all your shadow palettes again because autumn may not be the time when you only use warm tones. We want to teach you to play with interesting shades that can create attractive contrasts and cool makeup looks even when you are falling short of ideas. The best thing you can do […]

How to Make the Metallic Makeup Trend Yours

Shades and metallic effects are the fashion statement of this 2019. Do you like it? We hope so because our plan is to fill you with many ideas to appropriate this trend that is metallizing the looks. In the world of makeup, this trend is driving all makeup lovers crazy. It’s amazing how the industry […]

How to Get Different Ombré Liner Makeup Ideas

Makeup lovers, we have created an article for you again. This time we wanted to learn with you how to make an ombré liner makeup and we share with you many ideas that can help you in your first beginner steps, and if you’ve done it before, you’ll have inspiration to change the style. Here […]

Euphoria Makeup, The New Trend You Can’t Miss

There are many good messages in Euphoria’s first season, the HBO television show that has all the public euphoric! From the point of view of a teenage mind, issues such as drugs, sexual identity, gender violence, among others of current interest are addressed. Starring the iconic Zendaya (who doesn’t even need a last name) this […]

All You Need To Know About Non-Toxic Beauty

Now our feeds are full with green receipts, articles saying us that all the products that we eat are full of chemicals that harm us. And not only hurt us, they hurt the environment and animals. We take care of our nutrition, but what about the stuff that we put on our face? What, exactly, […]