Biggest Makeup Trends Taking Over Instagram

Here are the biggest makeup trends of spring; from Allure There’s Instagram versus reality, and then there’s the runway versus Instagram. Season after season, we see makeup trends born on runways alongside fashion trends. However, new trends are born on Instagram every single day. One day, it’s a brow art look. Another, a new take on […]

12 Extra Glam Makeup Looks for an Awesome Girls’ Night Out

Here are 12 glam makeup looks; from Wonderfuldiy We might have passed New Year’s Eve already, but there are still plenty of reasons to practice your makeup and get all glammed up! Valentine’s Day, for example, is just around the corner. Who says you need an excuse to make yourself feel fancy, though? We like to […]


Here is an eye colors guide and makeup ideas for them; from Glaminati Top Eyeshadow Colors For Blue Eyes Haven`t you noticed that blue eye colors are mentioned in most love songs? Pure and crystal clear, they amaze with their beauty, making their owners appear as innocent as possible. Blue eyes are so magnifying, and there […]

10 Date-Night Makeup Looks to Help You Feel Confident

Here are 10 date/night makeup looks; from Byrdie We tend to categorize makeup looks by the environment they’re best suited to. You’re headed into the office? Go for a sleek and refined look. You’re going to Sunday brunch? Go for a fresh-faced beauty look with glowy, highlighted skin. You’re getting ready for a date night? You […]