How to Look in Summer with Less Makeup

Today we are again presenting you with makeup ideas because it’s never enough. This time we have thought of a look that needs less makeup so you do not have to leave it during the summer. Much sweat and exposure to the sun while you use light make-up, can poison your skin and provoke you […]

Learn How to Get The Longest Lashes Choosing the Correct Mascara

Girls, check this guide with makeup ideas in which mascaras have been used that give you the longest lashes you have seen. Not all can apply for you and your type of eyelashes, but if I am sure of something it is that you will get amazing makeup looks if you use the correct mascaras […]

Exotic 4th of July Makeup Looks to Dazzle at Night

Makeup lovers, the next 4th July will give you the opportunity to shine and dazzle next to the fireworks of the night! It’s a day to be festive and a time to celebrate freedom, why not take the liberty of incorporating some patriotic shades into your makeup looks? At the moment, despite how much we […]

Get the perfect Pride Day makeup, for this June!

Ready to celebrate the pride day this month? This is the perfect month to take out your colorful and exotic accessories to commemorate this month with the maximum of styles. It is the perfect time to honor the 50 long years of the LGBTQ community, visualizing the free expression and rights of all equally. Something […]


Girls, we want to inspire you to make different eyeshadow looks for every day. Our proposal is that you try one of these eyeshadow looks every day of the week and you can experience each idea on different occasions and outfits. Would you? Scroll down and observe each of the ideas. Adjust them to your […]

Bronze Makeup Ideas for Tropical Weddings

It’s summer time! Having chosen a tropical wedding you should have a bronze, glamorous look. You don’t have to damage your skin with extra sun exposure, (that causes premature skin aging, wrinkles, and black spots) To reach it, you just have to fake it! Bronze makeup trends are back with all its glamour, to make you […]