24 Bright Neon Color Ombre Nail Designs


Here are 24 bright neon color ombre nail designs, from Nail Designs Journal: Every season requires a special approach when it comes to the creation of the suitable look. When the summer hits, it is highly important that there is everything perfect about your image. Since every detail matters – your nails are on the list. […]

18 Stunning Mauve Color Nails Designs

Here are 18 stunning mauve color nails designs, from Nail Designs Journal:  Mauve is one of the most unusual and beautiful shades that are highly popular these days. There is no wonder why since mauve shade consists of two different shades – purple and grey – and that is exactly what makes this hue so special. […]

The Ultimate Guide To 18 Popular Nail Shapes

Here is the ultimate guide to 18 popular nail shapes, from Nail Designs Journal: These days the decision of the next mani can be a lot more difficult than it seems from the first glance. The thing is that with every day, there are new designs and different nail shapes appearing and sometimes it is quite […]

7 Beautiful Butterfly Nails Tutorials To Create A Masterpiece

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18 Inspirational Unicorn Nail Designs

Here are 18 inspirational unicorn nail designs, from Nail Designs Journal:  How many of you do believe in myths? We are likely to think that a fair share lot of you do and there is no wonder why since myths do exist not only to entertain but also to fascinate us. What is more, when it […]

21 Cute & Stylish Summer Nails

Here are 21 cute and stylish nails, from Stay Glam:  Want to brighten up your look for the summer? Then you are in the right place! We have found 21 stylish summer nail ideas that you will want to try. Nail art is a great way to wear the seasons latest colors and prints, and beautiful […]