10 Nail Art Designs to Look Professional and Modern

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Here are 10 ideas on how to show off your nails by turning your boring manicure into a stylish and vibrant manicure by adding color and style. Usually your manicure process goes like this: You get to the salon, you select the color of nail polish you want, usually a neutral or nude or the […]

Top 10 Rainbow Nail Art Design Tutorials

Here are 10 rainbow nail art design tutorials; from Style Craze Is your week simply dragging on? You know what would be a fun way to lift your spirits? Rainbow nails! A rare thing, the rainbow – you only see it when it rains and the sun shines, both at the same time. But, if you […]


Here are 12 pretty flower nail design; from Glaminati Flower nail designs are designs created on any nail shape and length that include floral patterns in any color combinations and of any texture. Floral nail designs are among the most popular because we consider flowers to be synonymous to the whole concept of beauty. Plus, whenever […]

5 Ways To Do Sharpie Nail Art At Home

Here are 5 ways to do sharpie nail art at home; from Nails Designs Journal These days the world of nail art is constantly changing and getting to the fresh levels of cool with every day. However, most you may already know that everything beautiful comes at a price. Well, at least this is a fact […]

7 Tips to Help Your Nail Polish Dry Faster

Here are 7 tips to help your nail polish dry faster; from Pretty Designs Slow-drying nail polish is the bane of every beauty lover’s existence. One of the worst feelings in the world is ruining your freshly-applied manicure because you didn’t have enough time to wait for it to fully dry. Most people with a modern hectic schedule […]

Zebra Print Nails To Let Your Inner Animal Out

Here are some zebra print nails to let your inner animal out, from Nail Designs Journal: Animal print nails have been in fashion for a while now. However, there are some most common patterns while there are some that are somehow left out. Zebra print nails are pretty much underestimated even though the zebra pattern is […]