Original And Chic Nails Ideas For Spring Season

Spring is probably one of the most beautiful times of the year, and one way to decorate your nails according to this season is by including designs to make your nails look pretty and feminine. If you are thinking of floral designs, besides being a cliché, it is a thing of the past. For this […]

Add Some Sparkle to your Christmas Nails this December

The time has come to change nude colors for something more red and intense in your nails. Christmas adds color to everything! This month you have the chance to choose more exotic nail designs that will transmit the Christmas vibe to everyone. Although a trend has already become, the glitter on the nails is a […]

The Ultimate Designs for Stunning Bridal Nails

Don’t worry about seeing endless ideas of nail designs for brides, here we have made a small selection of bridal nails that can inspire you to choose your design and customize it according to the length and width of your nail, your favorite colors and accessories you would like to add. The basics are always […]

Check Out the New Ombré Nails Twist!

We’re following the nail trends train again! This time we stopped to see the work that many impressive manicurists do with the ombré nails twist. They are also called skittle nails but we can keep them under the title of ombré because the idea behind it’s the same. It works a gradient of colors that […]

Try the latest from the famous #DippingNails

Have you heard of this new manicure technique that seems sent by the gods? We have investigated the opinion of experts to know what this novelty is about. To start, what do we find behind the hashtag #dippingnails? A mani that’s supposedly easy to DIY and lasts longer than gel nail polish. Could you believe […]

Try to Wear some Artistic Nails Out of the Box

Nail artists or nail lovers, get ready to pin amazing ideas! It turns out that we have encountered quite original nail designs on instagram and the first thing we thought was “- It’s time to refresh our girls’ eyes” This trend of artistic nails is proving fascinating because regardless of the length of your nails, […]