Our Latest Ideas to Prepare a Peach Wedding in Spring

We have updated our articles related to spring weddings to share with you more recent ideas that include new options. This time, all are unified under the same color of spring and it’s peach! It’s option number 1 to consider if the flower season will make you a wife. Here we leave you our compilation […]

Spring Brides with Peach Wedding Dresses and Heels

Spring brides, attention! If you’re looking for a wedding dress that goes out of the conventional you should stop to think about the possibility of wearing a dress that is not totally white and open the field among the peach wedding dresses that you can find on Instagram or include some color detail like some […]

Find the Perfect Bridal Shoes That Can Be Worn After your Wedding Too!

Many of the things you buy for your wedding day will end up in a closet as “souvenirs”. And if that is not the case yet but you are preparing to make purchases stop and make smarter purchases like the perfect bridal shoes that can be worn after your wedding. This doesn’t mean that you’ll […]

12 Of The Best Wedding Sneakers For The Millennial Bride

Is there something more comfortable than walking down the aisle with your favorite sneakers? Imagine for a moment, you with your perfect beautiful dress, on your dad’s arm, surrounded by your family and friends and in front of you is that special person with whom you will spend the rest of your life, and suddenly you stumble […]

The Prettiest Pink Wedding Shoes for Stylish Brides

Here are The Prettiest Pink Wedding Shoes for Stylish Brides, from Confetti, Add a touch of romance to your wedding look with a pair of pretty pink wedding shoes, adding a feminine pop of colour to even the most classic of wedding looks. Sure, white or ivory wedding shoes are the norm, and blue wedding […]

22 Pairs of Sculptural Heels to Make Your Bridal Wardrobe Pop

Here are 22 Pairs of Sculptural Heels to Make Your Bridal Wardrobe Pop, from Brides, A bride-to-be or not, shoes are one of those irresistible categories from sky-high heels to cute flats and stylish boots. In the case of bridal shoes, they’re super fun to shop for and can carry a lot of meaning (a […]