Rustic Favors & Decor Accessories for a Woody Wedding

Rustic Favors & Decor Accessories for a Woody Wedding

If your plans are to take your guests beyond the forest, you should see this article until the end! Our idea will always be “the details make the difference” and that’s why we work and focus on that. Rustic favors or tea lights on the table will add delicate details to the whole set up […]

Find All the Customized Complements for a Nautical Themed Party

Find All the Customize Complements for a Nautical Themed Party

It’s very common to see that the themed parties held on the beach or that want to take you to live that experience, are created with blue and red color palettes or under decorative elements such as anchors. Getting those details to unify and look good between them once staged can be complicated. In our […]

Big Fat Indian Wedding? Here’s Everything You Were Looking For And More

The moment you come together to celebrate saying “I do” is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Why not celebrate that special occasion with unique Indian-inspired wedding favors? Featuring intricately detailed elephant favors and other exotic Indian decors in a jewel tone color scheme that features gold, ruby red, and amethyst, these jewel tone wedding decor pieces […]

Small Items You Need For A Huge Nautical Wedding

Choosing the theme of your wedding is almost as important as the wedding itself. If you live in a seaside area, it is likely that the idea of a nautical wedding has roamed your head a couple of times, but we are here to tell you that it is not necessary to live by the sea to […]

The Best Ideas For A Spooky Halloween Wedding

Would you dare to marry on the most terrifying day of the year? October is just around the corner which means Halloween too if you like themed weddings. Today’s theme for many will be weird but for others, it will be the best idea. We have prepared a photo gallery with ideas for decoration, cakes, […]

How to Have a Fancy & Greenery Wedding at the Same Time

In the latest wedding decoration trends, we have encountered ideas or with a lot of greenery or very fancy but we have thought that it is possible to unite them. We believe that success in achieving this interesting combination for wedding decoration is to find the perfect venue that lends itself to be in contact […]