8 Drinks to Help You Lose Some Extra Weight

To lose weight there is no miraculous diet. It all comes down to a good diet, exercise, but mostly perseverance and willingness on your part to achieve your goals. Everyday life, work demands, family and our social life, don’t always leave us space to take care and to spoil ourselves. That is why, in this […]

10 Pictures of Your Daily Recommended Servings of Fruits and Vegetables

Here are 10 Pictures of Your Daily Recommended Servings of Fruits and Vegetables, from Apartment Therapy, What’s the most important part of a nutritious diet? Most of us can automatically recite the answer: fruits and vegetables. And yet it can be tough to eat the daily recommended amount of produce, and most Americans simply don’t. […]

All You Need To Know About Longan Fantastic Health Benefits

Here is All You Need To Know About Longan Fantastic Health Benefits, from Glaminati, Sometimes it seems like longan fruit is called like this because of the long list of benefits it can bring to people’s life. In fact, this fruit has been taking roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, serving as […]

7 Simple Tips to Staying Healthy on Vacation

Here are 7 tips to staying healthy on vacations; from Pretty Designs Let’s face it: staying healthy on vacation can be a hassle and a challenge. When you get into vacation mode, eating daily salads and fitting enough cardio into your schedule is much more difficult than when you’re in your own home. Fortunately, there are […]

A Curvy Girls Guide To Active Wear: An Infographic

As exemplified by the dramatic rise in the awareness, visibility and popularity of plus-size fashion and plus-size models, the fashion industry’s single-minded obsession with smaller sizes has transformed in recent years. Some would say that this obviously is just good business since statistics show that the average American woman wears a size 14 dress. So […]

Wedding Weight-Loss: Getting Back on Track After The Bachelorette Party

Because getting slim and physically fit for their wedding day often is a challenge, in Week 1 of the No Cardio Routine, Week 2 of the No Cardio Routine, and The Morning Noon & Night Routine  we detailed a 5 days a week wedding day workout program for brides to get fit and beautiful in time for their wedding day. […]