Stunning Ice Sculptures For A Freezing Winter Wedding

Ice Sculptures are the most drastic way to add dramatic elements to any celebration, so why not at your winter wedding? This is something your guests will not expect and surely will be charmed by it. You can use them as a decor element, carving wedding rings, the bride and groom initials, swans, hearts, or […]

Winter Brides, Are You Ready for Your Day? Don’t Forget to Refine These Details!

The last months of the year are to celebrate the love of many couples! We’re sure that many winter brides are in those last stressful days refining details of their great day. As a check-list, this article aims to list the important things that as a bride you must make sure you have. Although they […]

Table Decor Ideas For Your Winter Wedding

Winter Weddings are probably the most popular. It may be the weather, the holidays and Christmas vibes. If you are overwhelmed with the table setting to have to choose for this big day, we got you some inspiring ideas. For sure you have seen the classic combo of white and silver surrounded with glass decor […]

All the Basics for your Snowy Table Setting Right Here!

Some days ago we started updating our source of resources and ideas according to the next time of the year that we have just around the corner. We start with winter favors ideas that could be part of your wedding decoration and it connects with this article where we want to share basic ideas that […]

Make your Winter Favors a Part of your Wedding Table Decor

We already know that weddings are an expensive eventuality but we can make the matter cheaper if you follow our advice: make your wedding favors a part of your wedding table decor! If you don’t believe it, look at these winter favors that will upset you just by seeing their designs, which justifies putting them […]

40 Beautiful And Comfy Winter Bridal Sweater Looks

Check out these 40 beautiful and comfy winter bridal sweater looks; from Weddingomania I bet you chose a wonderful wedding dress for your winter wedding, but you should definitely think over putting on¬†something else in order not to freeze. How about a cozy sweater? Whether an angora bolero or chunky pullover, a classic knit is […]