25 Grey Winter Wedding Ideas You’ll Love

Here are 25 grey winter wedding ideas you’ll love; from Weddingomania Greys and blues are natural winter colors and using them for wedding decor will help you create a real frozen-theme wedding. Today we’ll talk about greys, which are super popular for wedding decor and attire all over the year, not only in winter. Wedding […]

25 Winter Wedding Florals/Greenery Arrangements

Here are 25 winter wedding florals; from Weddingomania Winter wedding season is coming, and many couples are preparing intensively. Still haven’t decided on decor much? We have some floral and greenery ideas to clear up your mind. Here are the most popular ideas of winter wedding florals or greenery. Let’s take a look. White Blooms […]

Winter Wedding Nails Ideas You’ll Love

Here some winter wedding nail ideas you’ll love; from Weddingomania On your big day you should look perfect from head to toes, and take care not only of your dress, shoes, hair or face but also of your nails. A chic manicure will polish your look and make it wow, it will be a cool […]

25 Ways To Top Off Your Winter Wedding Cake

Here are 25 ways to top off your winter wedding cake; from Weddingomania A wedding cake is a traditional wedding dessert that also shows off your wedding style and theme. We’ve already shared some ideas to display your wedding cake at its best: choose a right tablecloth, decor, stand. But how to accessorize your wedding […]

27 Winter Wedding Gloves And Mittens Ideas

Here are 27 winter wedding gloves and mittens ideas; from Weddingomania If you are a winter bride, if it’s cold outside and you are planning an outdoor ceremony or at least taking some shots, the first thing you should think over is covering up and warming up. Think thick tights, faux fur boots, coats and […]

25 Refined And Chic Faux Fur Wedding Ideas

Here are 25 refined and chic faux fur wedding ideas; from Weddingomania Faux fur is a great idea to use for fall and winter weddings because it adds texture, warmth and interest to any setting and any look and it keeps you and your guests comfortable in any cold, which is essential. I’ve prepared some […]