Chic Geode Wedding Cake Ideas

The Geode Wedding Cakes trend is one of the hottest and most elegant wedding cake trends ever. It started in 2016 when talented pastry maker Rachel Teufel risked it all, and inspired by the rocky cavities whose walls are covered with minerals, such as amethyst quartz, gave this crazy idea a huge try in her kitchen.

Teufel first invests up to 16 hours on each masterpiece. She uses great ingredients such as granulated sugar, hard caramel, cristal caramel stones, modeling chocolate, and even glossy edible paper.

Geode cakes are breathtaking! They look like real rocks and match any wedding theme you may already choose. Your guests will be speechless with the stunning color mixtures of the rocks. If you can decorate it with some blossoms or greenery why not some real geodes?

Just take a look at the gallery below, aren’t they all just fantastic?

A beach wedding is an ideal occasion to show off with your guests with a beautiful cake of geodes. You can use blue, light blue and white tones to create that beach vibe that will be consistent with the theme of your party.

Chic Geode Wedding Cake Ideas2

Here Comes The Guide | @herecomestheguide

The beauty of these rocks is mesmerizing, from their very simple origins to perfection in their formation, these rocks attached to your cake only raise the tone of elegance and good taste.

Chic Geode Wedding Cake Ideas3

Sweet Surrender Dessert Cafe | @sweetsurrendercafe

A geode cake adds chic air to your wedding cake. Make a clean and simple base and then place a striking line of geodes. You can appreciate the elegance in this white cake with an opening of black geodes with gray edges, and that is not needed anymore when beauty is inside.

Chic Geode Wedding Cake Ideas4

Cheryl Miller | @cakebycheryl

Although at first glance they look simple, these cakes require an expert and talented pastry chef. Don’t leave it until the last minute, look for the best artists in time so they can transform your dream cake into a reality. Remember that each piece of glass is placed by hand, each crack is painted by hand, and its correct execution will depend not only the taste of the cake but the memory of all your guests.

Contemplate different styles, how about this asymmetrical cake? Not all floors have to be the same shape or size. The decorative details are impressive, not only because of the little “bites” where we can see the springs of geodes but because of the golden lines, fresh leaves and flowers in the ideal tones to create an environment.

Chic Geode Wedding Cake Ideas5

Mandi Robinson |

Make it big or go home! The usual thing is that the dress of the bride is that dramatic element in a wedding, but who says that the cake cannot also be the protagonist. Have all your guests get up from their chairs just to go to photograph your splendid wedding cake.

Crystals and more rocky crystals everywhere, golden details and a huge and elaborate cake topper!


Chic Geode Wedding Cake Ideas6

⋆ Rustic Wedding Chic ⋆ | @rusticweddingchic

As if out of a fairy tale, this beautiful square cake of geodes in pink and gold tones will be the star of the night. Not only its imposing size, as for the quality in the execution and its details.

A work of art worthy of a museum. A cake that you want to take home without putting the knife in!


Have you considered a black wedding cake? Although it is not everyone’s first choice, we invite you to consider it, just look at this beautiful cake. It is huge, imposing of a deep black that contrasts exquisitely with the geodes in all salmon and rosés, a whole work of good taste.

Chic Geode Wedding Cake Ideas7

Brian Roche | @bakerboycakes

Smaller does not have to be synonymous with simpler. This beautiful two-story cake is the proof, of perfectly smooth outlines in pure white stand out some delicious geode formations in purple tones, plum, and violets embedded in a background of white stones.

Chic Geode Wedding Cake Ideas8

Melanie Jensen | @cake_by_melanie

 Have you decided yet? Impossible to resist these delicious and elegant cakes!




Cover Image by Austin Wedding Photographer | @byallycohen