How To Choose The Perfect Lingerie When You Are Pregnant

During your first pregnancy months, the changes in your body are not noticeable (yet) and we can continue wearing our regular lingerie. As our belly and breasts change and increase in size, it is better if you change your sexy lingerie for a more comfortable one that suits your new curves.

Choosing the right lingerie, (now just underwear) during pregnancy will not only make you feel more comfortable, but it can even help you prevent health problems, such as hypertension, backaches, varicose veins on your legs, inflammation, fluid retention among others.

Scroll down, to see a couple of tips, which will help you choose the pregnancy underwear that will best suit your body.

Pregnancy Bras

Your breasts are usually the first to notify your family and friends that something new is happening in your body.

One of the first and best known physical changes during pregnancy is the increase in breast size, what many do not know is that this increase or swelling of the breasts is usually annoying, as these become extremely sensitive, and the extra weight can even cause back pain and posture problems.

A pregnancy bra is just what you need. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right size of a pregnancy bra, since you don’t know for sure how much more they can increase their volume.

For this, we have a tip and a suggestion; First thing you need to do is understand that there is a diference between “pregnancy bra” and “breastfeeding bra” because both scenarios have different needs.

Once you decide to focus on pregnancy bras, the most practical thing you can do is choose sports style bras, with a closure on the back. By not having hoops and having support in both breasts at the same time, your back will be less tense and therefore you will not have so many pains.

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So my gorgeous pregnant sister contacted me asking what bras are best to use when pregnant. Her normal bras are starting to dig into her and are driving her nuts. My advice to her is to ditch the wired structured bras (depending on cup size) and invest in some seamfree maternity bras. These 2 pack set from @targetaus are the perfect solution. They will grow as you grow especially during the day. As we all know Mums, what we wear in the morning while pregnant is either tight or unbearable by evening. So keep it comfortable and practical. Alternatively while you are still in the early stages or have a special even and need a better bra keep an eye out for bra extenders. These I found from @asos and are only $10. They will get you through an extra few weeks and the elastic on the extender should give you that extra room you need at the end of the day. . . If you have any tips for my sister please comment below. All advice shared is appreciated πŸ‘β€β€ . . . #soyouconsulting #fashionblogger #styleoftheday #fashionchallenge #bodyshape #accessories #colourthatworks #colourconsulting #confidentsmums #mummyconfidence #mumconfidence #womenwithconfidence #confidentmums #confidentwomen #colourconfidence #plus30style #30plusstyle #mumof3 #mumoftheoutback #pregnancybras #outbackmum #outbackstyle #brasthatfit #mumtrends #mumstyle #realmumstyle #mumwears #keepitcomfy #mumstobe #mumstobe2018

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However, if you want and feel more comfortable using a classic bra style, we suggest you use pregnancy bras, these tend to have thicker straps to better distribute weight on the shoulders and a progressive cup format, which you can go increasing as you increase in size, without losing the support that the bra gives you.


Make sure that the bra (of the style you choose) offers different closure options (front and rear) since as your pregnant progresses, you may have difficulty button up and unbutton it.


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Flexible, stylish and oh-so comfortable, the Candy Blossom Bra supports mums all the way through pregnancy and breastfeeding! It’s easy to convert from a crop top to a bra and back again! Double tap to like this. . . . #lilyandribbonmaternity #mumsnet #mumsnetparents #mummybloggeruk #mummybloggersuk #breastfeedingfashion #breastfeedingstyle #breastfeedingfriendly #breastfeedingbra #breastfeedingmom #breastfeedingmama #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedingproblems #breastfeedingwear #breastfeedingmommies #nursingfashion #nursingclothes #nursingbra #nursingpads #nursingmum #nursingmom #nursingmama #nursingmothers #nursingmoms #nursingproblems #nursingprobs #canibreastfeedinituk #londonmum #londonmums #londonmummy

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Pregnancy Panties

Like pregnancy bras, pregnancy panties play a very important role, give you support and make you feel comfortable.

Not all of us experience the same physical changes during pregnancy, but it is inevitable that we all gain a couple of pounds more (sometimes in places you did not even expect them) so it is necessary that your underwear are ready for everything.

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Pregnancy panties not only support your buttocks, their main function revolves around your belly. In the abdominal area, pregnancy panties are usually reinforced with elastic spandex-type fabrics, and at the same time lined with cotton, to avoid any type of allergic reaction to the fabric.

It is likely that the first months you do not find it necessary to use this type of underwear, but we guarantee you that after the first trimester they will be your best friends.

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How can something so simple become so complicated? Socks are a piece of clothing that sometimes we do not give all the credit it deserves, however when you are pregnant you have more chances of retaining fluids and therefore having swollen legs and feet, which is not cute at all, terribly exhausting, it can also lead to more serious health problems. To alleviate these symptoms it is advisable to drink plenty of water and exercise, in combination with socks and appropriate clothing and good and deserved foot massages, to help drain you. (Do not forget to always consult your gynecologist).

How To Choose The Perfect Lingerie When You Are Pregnant3


Socks for pregnant women must be made of cotton, with soft elastic, or without elastic. Consider that once you have started the third trimester it will be more difficult for you to take off and put on your socks, the best thing you can do is try to take them off with your feet, if a sock is easy to remove with the opposite foot, then you will have found your winner.

How To Choose The Perfect Lingerie When You Are Pregnant2



There is nothing that can overcome the softness and comfort of your old fraternity T-shirt; but it is likely that with your tummy the trace of your waist of those years is no longer visible, so we invite you to try your husband’s oversized, baggy T-shirts, they will help you sleep better.How To Choose The Perfect Lingerie When You Are Pregnant4

Pajama pants (in case you decide to wear them) should be loose, made of cotton and elastic on the part that covers your belly, to ensure your mobility at night. You can also get breastfeeding nightgowns, which you will get double match when you already have your baby in your arms.

How To Choose The Perfect Lingerie When You Are Pregnant5

Tales and Turbans

Do not forget that the key is to feel comfortable, which makes us feel good, may not be the best for you. Ask your husband toΒ join you and have fun choosing the underwear that best suits you.

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