On Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring – Why It Matters

Every man wants to choose the perfect ring when he is about to ask the woman of his dreams to be his wife, but choosing just the right ring can be a bit of a challenge.

Not only will the lady’s taste in jewelry need to be taken into consideration, and the fact that he wants her to be thrilled with his choice in rings but also that ring is meant to be worn for a lifetime. If you are about to ask your ladylove that all important question, here are a few things to take into consideration before going out to buy the ring. Here are some tips offered by the experts at ascotdiamonds.com, famed New York diamond jewelers.

Wedding Sets vs Bridal Sets


The first thing you may want to consider is whether or not the engagement ring will be part of a wedding set or if the ring is only going to be part of a bridal set. There is a big difference because a wedding set encompasses three different rings. Of course there is the engagement ring but there will also be the bride’s wedding band along with the groom’s wedding band. Some engagement rings wouldn’t do well in a wedding set if the band meant to be worn with it is too ultra-feminine with no band close enough in style to be worn by the man. Some couples do want a matching set which impacts your decision when buying the ring to pop the question.

Who Will Choose the Wedding Bands?


Then there is the question of who will choose the wedding bands. If both the bride and the groom will have a say in exactly what wedding bands they will be buying, it is imperative to buy an engagement ring that will work well with a multitude of styles. For this reason, some men simply let the lady help choose her own engagement ring but somehow this takes some of the thrill out of popping the question. It’s tradition to get down on one’s knee, ask her to marry you and then upon the expected response, to slip the ring on her finger. If you aren’t sure what her choice in wedding bands will be, there is another alternative you might want to think about.

A “Temporary” Ring

What many people don’t know is the fact that most often a ring is designed around a diamond of high quality. The choice in diamonds comes first and the ring is then placed in a setting that suits the stone. For example, you wouldn’t want a 2 or 3 karat perfect diamond to be set in sterling silver, would you? Obviously not. Many young men today are using a temporary setting or even a temporary ring when asking the question but with the diamond of their choice in hand at the same time. Some jewelers will set your stone in a temporary setting so that you can ask the question and then remove it when the bride-to-be comes in with the lucky guy to purchase the wedding or bridal set for the diamond.

While some guys wait for the lady of his life to help pick the engagement ring, if you are leaning towards the traditional mindset that the ring should be ready for her to wear the moment she agrees to be your wife, there are ways around that issue. A temporary ring suits the purpose nicely because there is a ring she can wear until that lovely diamond can find a home in the setting of her choice. This is a ring that symbolizes eternal love so it will be worn every day for the rest of her life. What you buy now will be there for the rest of your lives together as husband and wife, so make your choice wisely. And if you just can’t decide? Bring her along to help you pick. There’s nothing wrong with that.