Here are 10 favorite fall wedding flowers, from Colin Cowie Weddings: 

Rich reds, buttery yellows, and deep oranges have us falling for autumn florals.  Capture the warmth and beauty of the season with our 10 favorite flowers for a fall wedding:

1. Sunflower: We love this flower, because it’s so easy to work with. Sunflowers are hardy and do well in both cold and heat, just make sure

they are well hydrated


Colin Miller

2. Rose: Roses are timeless, a classic symbol of love, beauty and elegance. For a fall wedding, we love a single scarlet rose in a vase surrounded by darker hues, which creates a romantic and glamorous feel for your fall wedding.

Colin Miller

3. Dahlia: Deep rich colors and eye-catching frills make it easy to see why dhalias make our top ten list. These flowers have long strong stems, making them a great choice for bouquets.Colin Miller

4. Freesia: With their wiry stems and delicate blooms, it’s not surprising that freesias are one of our fall favorites. These flowers pack a sweet citrus scent- and are among the most popular fragrant flowers.   Colin Miller

5. Calla lily: The great thing about calla lilies is they can be found in just about any color. However, we recommend looking for a tonal range rather than a specific color, when working with these blooms. Pairing similar shades of calla lilies in a single arrangement will result in a creation that is both subtle and stunning.  Colin Cowie Celebrations

6. Carnation: With their fluffy, round blooms and vibrant, ruffled-edged petals, we’re here to clear up the bad rap carnations recieve. Use this bloom in abundance on its own, when tightly packed together carnations give off an impressive luxe look for less.Colin Cowie Celebrations

7. Aster: Asters have long been considered an enchanted flower, thanks to their lush texture. While we can’t attest to their magical powers, we can guarantee that their beauty will charm your wedding guests! Courtesy of Ethan Yang Photography

8. Cockscomb: Once you get passed the name, you’ll fall head over heels for this fabulous flower. Add interest and personality to any arrangement with this beautifully unique bloom that’s fabulous for fall.   Courtesy of Lauren Gabrielle

9. Gerbera Daisy: Is their anything as bright and happy looking as a gerbera daisy? These beautiful blooms come in a rainbow of colors and can either have light, dark, or natural centers. Colin Miller

10. Amaranthus: Amaranthus greens are one of our favorite ways to add an element of intrigue to a centerpiece- or even hanging down from the ceiling! Use them on their own or mixed into a truly unique arrangement. 

Colin Miller