Color Series #19: Coral + Turquoise

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How fast time flies! It’s June 1 already (goodbye merry May!) and Summer is nearing its end. But before I let go of all things sunny-Summer, let me give you a color palette that is an absolute favorite of Summer brides — the calming, warm hue of Coral combined with the cool, refreshing shade of Turquoise. This lovely combination of warmth and cool is the perfect palette to describe what Summer really is – a beautiful clash of the warmth of the hot, hot summer sun and the invigorating feeling we all experience when we make that delicious dip in the sea. Having this color palette in your wedding is like bringing the joys of Sun + Sand in your celebration even without having a beach venue.

How convenient, yes?


photo source (from top left) : Coral rose necklaceRoses in ceramic teapotRuffled wedding cake,Bridesmaids in turquoise with coral hued bouquets

This lovely ensemble of bridesmaids in turquoise dresses with coral colored bouquets is the perfect way to execute this color palette. The bride in white is a stand-out among her sea of refreshing turquoise blue clad maids. Cool and calm with hints of warmth. Just exactly how I like my Summer days to be. :)