Color Series #20 : Pink + Orange + Yellow

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I’ve always wanted to do a citrus inspired palette. Well, I was mostly torn in choosing what citrus colors I will include. Will it be Pink and Orange? Yellow and Lime? Orange and Lemon? I have made up my mind today and here’s what I’ve come up — a yummy concoction of Pink + Orange + Yellow.

These colors actually remind me of lemonades. Yes, lemonades. Oh geez, I think all the juices I have been drinking today have taken over me! Tee-hee. So anyhow, here’s why you should grab this color palette for your wedding. This delicious combination of pinks, oranges, and yellows is sooo refreshing to the eyes they could quench your thirst just by looking at them! Plus, they are happy colors. Dull and gloom would never exist if you have romantic pink, yummy orange and lemon yellow on your plate. :)And they’re just perfect for Spring / Summer outdoor weddings.

There! Have the freshest wedding ever with this citrus-inspired color palette! Enjoy!


photo source (from top left) : Citrus inspired tablescapeRomantic pink bridesmaid dressBottled refreshmentsCitrus wedding cake

This tablescape is like the epitome of citrus inspired tablescapes. The whole set-up screams FRESH all over! You have to go and check out the whole eye-candy set of this citrus inspired wedding shoot at Inspired By This