Colorful Hairstyle Ideas You Must Try This Summer

Summer is almost here and we want you to get ready to impress with these Colorful Hairstyles Ideas.

It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short or if you rather wear it braided; the real magic hides in choosing the right mix of colors, the ones that will make you feel comfortable in your own skin! You must decide whether you are doing this on your own,  asking someone to do it for you, or visiting your favourite salon.

If you decide to do it on your own, be sure you buy all the proper products, and that you understand all the instructions. Let’s not forget these are chemicals you are putting on your hair and skin.

Blue to Green

Add some smoothness to a dark blue hair color, incorporating  intense green lights, finish with some waves, and you’ll get a classic mermaid appearance.

Pulp Riot LA Hair Stylist/@hairbykaseyoh


Berries Clash

Why don’t we pay homage to the color of the ocean, by giving this ombre color a twist with bluish hues? Finish your look with your iron and give some waves to your dyed hair!

Pulp Riot LA Hair Stylist/@hairbykaseyoh

Long Colorful Wavy Hair

Layered long hair is the perfect canvas for a rainbow color ombre, add some beach babe waves and start curling your hair from the roots down to the ends. This would give your hair some extra texture and body. Some girls love the dye tresses idea, but if you are more of clip extensions, there are also some options for you!


Green Bob

You can never go wrong with a bob haircut dyed in green seaweed shades; it flatters a wide array of skin tones, use a dark palette of eye shadows and lipstick to complement a statement look.

Linda Christofakis/@linduzki

Rainbows as a unicorn!

Show your true colors with a pixie style haircut. Full of colors and fun, for the bravest and strongest girls! Designed with a touch of punk, this style is meant to conquer

Maryland Hair Salon Pulp Riot/@hugosalon


Colorful Fishtail Braids

A fishtail braid could be versatile and pretty, as you can incorporate it into other hairstyles as an alternative to regular three-strand braids, there’s nothing that says mermaid hair more than straightforward fishtail braids.

@hieuc Hieu/@hieucowow


Colorful Braided Mermaids

Dyed in strong brilliant colors This pull-through braids on long hair just screen “beach time please” Great idea if you want to make a “besties” hair makeover this summer.

@h Hieu/@hieucowieucow


Braids of Thrones

If you want to stand out among the sea of girls at the beach, go for something as bold as this ultraviolet hair. Add some large beach curls to your hair to complete the look. Give your Braid of Thrones some bright highlights to feel yourself as a real Khaleesi walking through the sand.

Pulp Riot LA Hair Stylist/@hairbykaseyoh


Hope you found the inspiration you needed in these absolutely gorgeous colorful hairstyles. Let us know which one was your favourite!