Coolest Retro Visor Colors For This Summer

Here you have 6 coolest retro visor colors for this summer; from Society 19

The coolest retro visor colors are yet to come this summer. Fashion always repeats itself. One of the 80’s most popular hat is making a comeback with several new colors. Retro visors stand out from any other hats because of their unique shape and material with which they are made. Retro visors are made out of plastic which is unusual from what would normally be cotton fabric.

Part of why retro visors are made out of plastic is because it will make the color reflect more in the sun. Color is especially important and essential for summer. Summer is meant to be the season in which flowers blossom, it is brighter out, and people are in happier spirits.

Hats are important for the summer because they are meant for hot weather. Retro visors are the best option for extremely hot weather because of their openness. Visors are used in sports typically tennis. Retro visors are a spin off the same style of hats but simply more chic.

To help you better pick what retro visor colors to wear for this summer here are some of the coolest.

1. Red

Red is always a bright color that translates passion and vibrancy. Red is a color that most people do not think of wearing because they do not see themselves wearing red. This goes for any color really, you just do not know what color might look good on you.

*Coolest Retro Visor Colors For This Summer


2. Watermelon Visor

A more creative look for the summer is the fruit styled visors. Watermelon visors provide a fresh and interesting look. Watermelons or prints are very cute and fresh for the summer. Watermelons are known to be perfect for the summer because they’re fresh to eat. This particular watermelon visor has a cool feel to it because of the transparency and vibrant colors.

*Coolest Retro Visor Colors For This Summer

3. Orange/ Neon Orange

Orange is a summer color that is in style for the summer. Not only will orange be in style but neon as well. Orange is a color for this summer because of the brightness of it and because it is not red or yellow but something in between. Orange is another color that is not a typical soft color but gives you a rather more vibrant look. Orange is a fun and enjoyable color that reflects positivity.

*Coolest Retro Visor Colors For This Summer


4. Green California Visor

California is one of the most popular visors to wear for this summer. Green is a summer color because it reminds us of life and nature. To me, green give women a more fierce look as would a softer color like pink.

*Coolest Retro Visor Colors For This Summer


5. Summer blues

Blue is a bright color that resonates with what is refreshing. Blue reminds us of oceans, the sky, and calmness. It is always best to wear blue so as to help you cool off in the hot weather. Blue is a beautiful color that makes the perfect fashion statement in summer.

*Coolest Retro Visor Colors For This Summer


6. Mermaid fins.

Again with the aquatic theme. Mermaids, like unicorns, have become insanely popular. Mermaids are symbolic of feminine energy. Mermaid fins are a super cute and perfect for summer wear. Mermaid scales perfect for swimwear. Mermaid fins add a bubbly vibe that matches the spirit of summer.

*Coolest Retro Visor Colors For This Summer


 Take your pick from these coolest retro visor colors. These colors are great for the summer because of the vibrancy and life they bring to your outfits.