What Does It Cost To Book A Famous Band For Your Wedding?


You have checked off almost every item on your wedding planning checklist. And now you get to the line for wedding music – what should you do?

You definitely don’t want to go without wedding music, because from your wedding ceremony prelude through the first wedding dance song and the dance music at your wedding reception, your wedding music is an important part of your wedding celebration. And while DJ’s tend to be cheaper than most musical groups, you and your fiancee absolutely love live music, but you are hesitant to get a live band or orchestra because you feel it would be pricey. But what if it turns out that not only can you afford a live band for your wedding, but that you can actually afford one of your favorite bands?

Keeping in mind that the average cost of a wedding band is $3,084, today we present an infographic that answers the question ‘What does it cost to book a famous band for your wedding?’, from Wedding Paper Divas:

While the venue sets the scene, the music sets the vibe. Many brides opt to customize their playlist or hire a professional, but what if you want to create a truly memorable night? What if you could have your dream band play at your wedding?

We’ve collected the approximate starting rates of more than 100 popular musicians that you can hire for your big day. So to make your wedding planning easier, we’ve compiled a list of artists we think would make any bride’s wedding a memorable one. Who will play for you?


The Cost To Book A Famous Band For Your Wedding