Wedding DIY: Create Your Own Ribbon Wands

Wedding ribbons can be used in a number of creative ways.

You can accent your wedding décor with colored ribbons to match your theme, or use ribbons on gifts, bouquets, tags and more.

And as a creative alternative to throwing rice or confetti you can make your own ribbon wands as shown in this post, reblogged from brideway: 


This craft was super fun, fast, and easy as 1,2,3. You can use these ribbon wands to cheer the kiss after the ceremony, to place next to flowers in your centerpieces, or to wave away at the big send off. Here’s how I made them-

Step One- Supplies:

(I got all these things from Micheal’s and used a 20% off coupon ;) )

A bunch of pretty ribbons

Krazy glue (the kind with the brush instead of the squeeze tube.)

Little wedding bells

Wooden sticks



Step Two: Tie

I picked two ribbons for every stick and tried to mix and match colors and thicknesses. I tied the ribbons near the top of the wand keeping each ribbon’s knot on the same side of the wooden stick. Then, I swept a tiny bit of glue underneath so they wouldn’t slip and slide.


Step Three: Bells and Bows

The bells had little holes at the top, making it easy to run a thin ribbon through. I tied the ribbon into a bow right above the bell. Lastly, I brushed glue over the knots of the first two ribbons and stuck the bell and bow right on top. Tada! beautifulness.



I’d love to see your final products too. Good luck!