15 of the Most Creative Baby Shower Backdrops

When you start planning your next baby’s baby shower, please do not skip decorating a backdrop. And even if it seems unnecessary, after seeing these super creative baby shower backdrops you will see how useful they can be to be the initial set up of your decoration, not just the complement.

A backdrop very well assembled according to the theme or color palette will be the space of all your guests to take the photos of the memory of your celebration.
Let’s see 15 of the most creative baby shower backdrops you’ll find on social networks!

1. This idea, we like very much for the game with the textures that the backdrop has. One way to make use of your budget between balloons and table decorations.


2. The famous paper flowers are driving women crazy and the best part is that they are super easy to do if you have a small dowry of creative skills. This type of baby shower backdrop is super economical and even if it is made of cardboard, it looks super elegant.

15 of the Most Creative Baby Shower Backdrops
Source: @newyorkpaperflowers

3. If you expect a boy the trend of the theme of toy story is super cute. Colored balloons and a backdrop printed in vynil is a way to create a low-budget decoration space that occupies a large part of your reception space which helps you save ideas to fill in every possible gap.


4. Throwing a baby shower in October? This Halloween themed shower styled by @madeofsugarandspice is simply spooktacular! Look how this idea was results with very few elements. Many people recently flee from decorating with paper, but these geometric shapes get you to ignore the material and focus on the resulting shapes. Part of the success of a creative backdrop is that you put out common phrases, like this phrase that is more original.

15 of the Most Creative Baby Shower Backdrops
Source: @northstarballoons


5. The waterfalls of flowers are a classic option to complement the decoration of a backdrop, added to the selection of a color outside the light blue or pink.


6. If you want to keep your baby shower as a gender reveal, you will have to ally yourself with two colors that you could perfectly place in a balloon helmet with many size variations.

15 of the Most Creative Baby Shower Backdrops
Source: @event_buddy


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7. We love this idea! The intention of creating a special illustration of a children’s story as classic as Winnie the Pooh is beautiful! It should be noted that in this idea, the backdrop works separately from the candy table to make room for you to use it for the official photos of your celebration.


8. As we talked about in a previous article, the balloon decoration trend is driving event decorators crazy and has exploded their creativity. The larger the size of the balloons, the more attractive they become for those who see them always balancing with colors and shapes.

15 of the Most Creative Baby Shower Backdrops
Source: @amazingpartymiami


9. This option is very classic, easy but improvable. Curtains and some decorative elements are the perfect base to start. These attractive letters that may have lights -which work for night celebrations- are usually held by event decoration companies that rent the pieces.


10. A wall full of balloons? An absurd madness but too beautiful. Make sure that this idea can be implemented in the reception space. Rain and sun are not the best allies of the durability of balloons.

15 of the Most Creative Baby Shower Backdrops
Source: @bubblegumballoons


11. If you liked the previous idea of ​​the curtains, you can combine them with attractive elements such as this easel with donuts and the set of classic baby play boxes.

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12. If your space limits you to select a specific wall for a backdrop, use the elements and play with them. Future furniture in your baby’s room can be part of the decoration.

15 of the Most Creative Baby Shower Backdrops
Source: @bloomsweetcarts


13. Although we don’t have images of this baby shower, what we see in this video upsets us. The ballerina theme is very well associated with this folding backdrop with classic details that do not need much to cause head-turnings at all.


14. The work in rustic and natural materials of this baby shower impresses us. You can paint the sheets in metallic tones to get interesting effects and an appropriate typographic selection for the name in wood will make everything perfect for your Instagram feed..

15 of the Most Creative Baby Shower Backdrops
Source: @studio.noel




15. This is our latest creative idea, made with cones to drink water that you can easily paint getting these degraded tones. Did you like all the ideas? We hope that if you have put your creativity to work to get a spectacular baby shower backdrop!

15 of the Most Creative Baby Shower Backdrops
Source: @theweddingmall