Creative Food And Drink Bars For Your Wedding – Part 2

As an alternative to the traditional sit-down style wedding reception, creative food and drink bars are a fun way to infuse some variety into your wedding food selections while letting your wedding guests decide when and what they want to eat.  This is Part 2 of our series “Creative Food and Drink Bars For Your Wedding:. Click here for Part 1

Before you decide on your wedding reception style as to wedding food, you should check out our handy infographic 4 wedding reception choices (with pros and cons!) to help you decide, as well as our top 10 reasons to have a brunch wedding.

After carefully reviewing the things you should consider when it comes to your wedding food and catering optionsand you decide that you want something other than the traditional catered sit-down wedding reception, you should also look at some other creative and fun ideas for wedding and food drink, including these wedding menu ideas from Wolfgang Puckas well as these delicious comfort foods to serve at your wedding

When of you think “wedding bar”, you most likely envision a bar at a wedding that serves alcohol. But the bar style of serving easily and efficiently can extend to serving wedding food and non-alcoholic beverages as well.

So, today we present some more creative food and drink bars for your wedding, from SheFinds: 


10. Infused Water: Having an outdoor wedding? Then this water, lemonade & iced tea bar is a must-have.


11. Caramel Apples: This works best with fall weddings, but you can also extend it into the winter months. Your wedding guests can dip and decorate their own caramel apples (or have someone at the venue do the dipping to avoid messes).


12. Bloody Mary. For wedding couples serving brunch at their afternoon wedding, this is a great idea.


13. Waffles: This works as a late-night snack or a daytime wedding.


14. Pretzels: Your wedding guests can hop off the dance floor, enjoy a soft pretzel, and then go right back to having fun. Don’t forget tasty dips like cheese and spicy mustard.


15. Sangria: We think any time of year is the perfect time for sangria–and we’re betting your wedding guests will agree.


16. Sushi: Bring your wedding cocktail hour to the next level with a sushi bar.


17. Crepes: Crepes can serve as a wedding dessert alternative, with guests filling them with anything from fruit and cheese to chocolate.


18. French Fry Station: French fries, with every kind of sauce you can imagine.

[Photo: Etsy]


19. Baked Potatoes: A little different, but who doesn’t love a stuffed potato?