Creative Ideas for a Boy’s All Blue Baby Shower

An all blue baby shower is that intimate moment between a future mom and her family and friends, whether you decide to celebrate it with female friends and family or choose to have a mixed party, the important thing is always the same, to gather around the future mom, give our best wishes for the arrival of the new baby, give gifts (to both mother and the baby) to exchange our best baby-raising secrets and have fun!

Traditionally, boy’s baby shower we make them light blue, but as you will see below, add some blue, and dark blue to your palette will make the event look even better.

From the invitation to the decoration and the cakes, we bring you a selection of the best ideas, so that you can be inspired and have a blue, dreamy baby shower, and you can enjoy it with your closest loved ones. Don’t forget to share the best photos on Instagram!


Remember that invitations are the first contact that your guests have with the event, with them in addition to providing the general information of the event, you have to inform them what way you want to receive the presents for the future baby (cash on an envelope, if there is a list of gifts in a specific store, or if you prefer gift cards), the theme of the party, if any, the type of clothing they should wear, and if there is something they should bring or have prepared for the activities to be carried out at the meeting.

Do not forget to deliver them with time, so that your guests can schedule and not miss.



The decoration is also another indispensable element, within any celebration, in this case, an all blue baby shower is no different. Nor do we want your guests to drown in blue, so you should choose which ones you want to contrast it with, whether you choose lower and higher intensity blue or completely different colors, you can take a white or a gray to create contrast.

Make sure your invitations and decoration go accordingly. If there are children in your guests, try to include something creative for them, and that they can manipulate without hurting themselves (like balloons).

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The balloons are par excellence the most versatile decoration element that every designer works with.

From colors, shapes, effects, and manipulation to create extraordinary figures and structures, balloons are that element of decoration that can not be missing at your party, and that will give the room that magical touch that we all associate with the arrival of a baby, and the one that you as future mom want.

You can make asymmetric bows for the candy table, you can make balloon animals receive your guests at the entrance, place balloons with helium to float throughout the room, use them as part of your centerpiece, as far as your imagination.

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Now let’s talk about this beautiful balloon art install. It’s one thing to have a vision but then to see it come to life and surpass what I envisioned literally makes emotional 😢. @poparazziballoons completely blew me away, she created an masterpiece, which was only fitting since it was in a gallery. Hues Of The Blues Baby Shower Planned & Designed @pep_ent Photo by @dannidavinchi Sofa, pedestals, ghost chairs & Blue elephant, charger plates @lapofluxuryny Florals @nycflowerproject Balloons @poparazziballoons Gold Fence @rsvpeventrentalsnyc Sign @twinsprint Cake @lovelylayers Desserts @sweet_touch_by_iva Venue @bronxmuseum #blueelephant #bluebabyshower #boybabyshower #balloongoals #POPDidThat #blueandgoldbabyshower #pepbabyshower #pepcelebrations #allaboutthedetails #PEPdidthat #PEP #eventplanner #eventdecorator #eventdesigner #celebrityeventplanner #celebritydecorator #PricelessEventPlanning #PEPevent #partyplanner #ultimatepartyplanner #nyceventplanner #nyceventdesigner #nycweddingplanner #eventcoordinator #weddingplanner #eventstaging #pepkidcelebrations

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Diaper cakes, a classic baby shower classic, are an original way to give something as simple and necessary for the new mom, as diapers are.

You can make a simple cake, or be inspired by these ideas, to be able to create true works of art, which in turn are very simple.

There is always some extra tenderness and nostalgia, with a cake of diapers.



As the grandmothers say, there is no celebration without cake and paw your blue baby shower that better than a beautiful cake in blue tones.

It can be with a sweet decoration of roses in gradient tones, simple, simple and elegant, a classic that your guests will love.

You can opt for a light blue sweet cake with white tones, with a more sophisticated and elegant style, or you can lean towards a more tender and childish style, with a theme of animals.





A sweet celebration, you need a sweet snack and what better than some delicious homemade cookies with decorations in blue, you can use varied themes, such as baby objects, animals, letters, naval theme, put them a dedication and deliver them as a party souvenir.

The important thing is the sweetness with which you share them!





In a baby shower, games are very important and allow all your guests to interact and know each other. The arrival of a baby is the perfect excuse to strengthen ties with political families, and nothing better than doing it with fun group games.

You can make simple board games, word searches with words of baby objects, you can make a bingo or a baby-themed lottery, contests to guess the diameter of the belly, and share the good wishes for the baby among all.

Or you can do something more wild, like beer contests inside a bottle, blindly feed another guest with baby food, dance competitions, beer pong, or burst balloons … here it will depend on how lively your guests are.



Do not forget to have a good time, sometimes baby showers we postpone when the belly is already something big, which can cause the protagonist is not so comfortable (physically) plan it calmly, do not leave it for the last month.

Have fun and be pampered!


Cover Image by Dessert Tables By Gislene Luz | @sweetgardencreations