How to Decorate Your Home to Promote Mindfulness

Check out these 7 ideas to decorate your home to promote mindfulness; from Apartment Therapy

Being in the moment and at ease is tough, even within your own walls. But there’s really no place like home for mindfulness, which is why we rounded up a few tips and product picks to help you feel more at peace in your space. No crazy scientific claims here—just some pretty gear and strategic design moves so you can be your best self in the place that matters most.

1. Try a Few Meditation Tools

Totally fine if you’re skeptical of meditation, but everyone can benefit from a little quiet time every now and then. You probably don’t have the space for a dedicated zen zone, but all you really need to meditate is a comfy cushion. Borrow a pillow from your bed or sofa if you don’t want to buy something specific. And if you have trouble fully letting go of your thoughts, use a phone app or a virtual assistant like the Amazon Echo or the Google Mini to guide you in your practice.

2. Carve Out a Little Creative Space

2. Carve Out a Little Creative Space

(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

All homes aren’t huge, but if you can find a corner or a nook that’s just for you—your passions, you hobbies, your stuff—than you’ll feel more at ease in your own space. And probably less resentful of your partner, your roommate, or even your kids’ stuff, which can sometimes feel like it’s taking over your house. Seriously, having a haven is important, even if it’s just a desk, a chair, and your computer or a pin board. Consider keeping a little journal here, where you can jot down your thoughts and goals plus share your gratitude. It’ll help you feel present in your space. You can also try something like this on your bedside table and make reflecting the first or last thing you do each day.

3. Find Your Home’s Signature Scent

Scent is a powerful tool. It can transport you, at least mentally, to another time and place. Figure out where you feel your most at peace—the beach? The mountains? A spa? Whatever it may be for you, seek out similarly scented candles, diffusers, essential oils, room sprays, and incense to recreate those smells in your space. You might be surprised how much scent can add to your home’s overall atmosphere. Not sure where to start? Well, this Sunday Forever Morning candle “smells like good vibes, sunrise, sea salt, and sage,” so it’s hard to argue with that. In fact, check out everything that brand is doing. Comfort and self-care are in Sunday Forever’s DNA.

4. Let Color Change the Energy of a Room

For the most relaxing feels at home, stay away from high-vibrating, energetic colors like reds and yellows, at least in spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms. Instead, choose tranquil shades like light blues, greens, or grays—even a soft lavender, pink, or clean white hue can work. Flat finishes and soft eggshells are also less stimulating than high glosses, so when in doubt, go more matte. And it’s not just paint—think about the larger furnishings in your rooms as well. Beds, sofas, rugs, and other big items should also be in a tranquil palette. Black-and-white photography or tonal art is a great option here, too.

5. Embrace Your Inner Plant Parent

Plants just plain make people happy, and certain species are even able to help filter some of the nasty chemicals out of the air. Not saying you have to turn your home into a jungle or a greenhouse, but it’ll do your mind some good to nurture a few hearty plant babies. Try a windowsill herb garden, a couple of succulents or even a fern or ivy in your shower—they love the 24/7 moisture! The more unexpected the spot you put a houseplant in, the more you may find it making you smile every time you see it.

6. Let There be Light!

Natural light is amazing, so definitely embrace whatever windows you’ve got to let the sunshine in. Consider sheer shades, which feel brighter and airier in many settings than something opaque. But when it’s night, take the time to light a candle for a soft, warm glow instead of relying on fully artificial lighting. A little atmosphere can help take the edge off when it has been a day—or a week. So treat yourself to the well-deserved bath.

7. Comfort is King

Want a more mindful space? Don’t buy furniture that’s for “show”—you know, the chair that looks good on Instagram but is ridiculously uncomfortable. Or a tiny throw pillow that’s hand-beaded and costs a small fortune. You want to be able to actually relax in your rooms, not be worried about your white sofa getting stained if you spill a little red wine. Pick finishes and pieces that get better with age. Leather and heriz carpets come to mind. Lived-in, vintage pieces never truly lose their luster.

Focus your attention on things that can help you relax or find peace at home, and you just might forget (a little) about the crazy world outside your doors.