Here are more than 10 wrist tattoos; from Glaminati

Wrist tattoos are rather popular and quite meaningful, that is why we want to discuss them today. What is their origin?

The tradition of wearing a tattoo on a wrist appeared a while ago. Seamen started to apply nautical stars on their wrists. They believed these tattoos to be their guides in the open sea, protectors of their long, dangerous, and exhausting journeys. Later, in the middle of the 20th century, the members of gay and lesbian communities chose wrists as places for their tattoos.

Over time, tattoos on wrists stopped being indicators of someone’s identity. And today anyone can wear a tattoo on a wrist.

Would you like to get such a tattoo? Discover some inspiring ideas here.

Beautiful Floral Wrist Tattoos

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Beautiful Wrist Tattoo With Pink Flowers #flowertattoo

Floral Wreath Wrist Tattoo Design #floraltattoo

Many people wonder if the wrist area is painful for getting a tattoo. Well, it depends on the exact placement of a tattoo. If it’s the inner part of the wrist, keep in mind that there are many nerves there. More nerves, if to compare with the outer part of the wrist. Plus, the skin is thin in that place and, therefore, more sensitive to painful feelings.

However, many people who have several tattoos would tell you that the wrist is definitely less prone to pain than other body parts. In general, it is believed that if to imagine a pain scale, then your wrist would be 4, maybe 5, and your ribs would be 10. So, it’s quite bearable.

And if you are still scared, you can always pick some simple and small wrist tattoos, like a flower tattoo. And here you can find some inspo. These flower tattoos won’t require much ink because of their size. So, you will experience less pain in case you opt for one.

And there is one important thing that we must tell you. When it comes to tattooing, the pain threshold and tolerance is individual. So, what feels fine to one person may make another person cry.

Bracelet Wrist Tattoo Designs

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Beautiful Bracelet Tattoo With Flowers #flowertattoo

If you’re looking for some nice small tattoo ideas, why not choose one of these adorable yet simple designs? Apply a tattoo like these, and it will bring you a daily dose of inspiration. You know, it is always mood-boosting to look at something pretty.

Flowers and berries are reminiscent of the spring and are often used for female wrist tattoos. These elements are capable of making any tattoo cuter and more feminine.

Side Wrist Tattoo Ideas

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Flower Tattoo On The Side #flowertattoo

Side Wrist Tattoo With Letter #flowerstattoo #lettertattoo

Do you know what we love most about side wrist tattoos? Their appearance tends to be very sensitive, and the tattoos in these pics are not an exception.

Some people view tattoos as simply embellishments, while others take the meaning of tattoos into account. For example, a feather tattoo like the one depicted here is actually quite symbolic. Feathers are associated with birds, so the common meanings of such tattoos include freedom, love for traveling, bravery, and truth.

Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Couple Or Friends

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Moon Wrist Tattoo Idea For Best Friends #moontattoo

Wrist Tattoo Design With Important Words #wordstattoo

The best way to make the process of getting a tattoo more amusing is to invite someone close to join you. Happy couples often have unique wrist tattoos. Why pick the wrist, not another body part? Because thus the tattoos will match when people in love are holding their hands together. But if you don’t have a significant other, maybe you have a best friend who would like to show off your friendship to the whole world.