Delicious Flatbread Recipes, Perfect For A Weeknight Dinner

A Flatbread is a Mediterranean delicious dish similar to a pizza (but not pizza), it is a piece of bread, that is flat, that most of the time does not include yeast on; in which you can place the toppings that you like the most.

The dough can be prepared in advance (for a whole week). You can store your pre-cooked Flatbreads in the fridge, and heat them on the grill just before adding the toppings at dinner time.

In this article we will share 4 of our favorite recipes, so you can try them at home, and you can incorporate them into your party menu. Your guests will love some delicious Flatbreads entrance, there are easy to eat, and don’t need forks or plates. Being a very simple dish, you can have it as an option for a quick dinner for the family, or as a simple dinner for one.

First, let’s start with the Flatbread Dough, take note this is the most important step.

Cooking is like chemistry, you have to follow the instructions to the letter, making the dough is very simple, once you get used to this, you must respect and not replace or change the ingredients, portions, weights, times … with this you will guarantee the recipe success.

Once you get a recipe, then yes, it’s time to experiment.

Flatbread Dough

Olive oil or nonstick cooking spray
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 package active dry yeast
1 teaspoon sugar
½ teaspoon kosher salt
1 tablespoon olive oil
⅔ cup warm water (105 ° F to 115 ° F)

Delicious Flatbreads Recipes, Perfect For A Weeknight Dinner

Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

For this recipe, it is important that you have access to a grill. It may be your charcoal grill that you have in your backyard, but you can also use a gas grill, even though the flavor left by coal is incomparable.


In a bowl mix warm water, dry yeast, sugar, and revolver until the yeast dissolves. Add the flour, salt and knead strongly until you get a smooth and united dough. Continue kneading for 5 minutes, then form a bun, let rise in a bowl sprinkled with plenty of flour and covered for 45 minutes.

Remove the raised dough from the bowl and cut it into 4. Work each room with your hands and abundant flour crushing with a roller and giving it an oval and long shape.

Spread each serving with plenty of olive oil and place on the hot grill. Mark the grills on both sides.

Then you can prepare your delicious Flatbreads, or you can wait for them to cool and wrap them in plastic and store them in the fridge for another occasion.

Olive & Arugula Flatbread

Take one of your Flatbread, smear it with enough olive oil, and overflow a piece of goat cheese, and many arugulas leave.

Put it back on the grill for a couple of minutes and serve with a dash of balsamic vinegar.

Prosciutto & Grape Flatbread With Roasted Tomatoes

Take an apple tomato and put it on the fathoms until the skin wrinkles and begins to turn black, peel it and cut it into thin slices

Take a second Flatbread back on the grill, add prosciutto slices, parmesan cheese slices, sliced grapes, and tomato slices. Add enough olive oil and a few sage leaves.

Figs, Mushrooms and Black Olives Flatbread

With a touch of balsamic reduction and mozzarella cheese. Take 2 fresh mushrooms, pass them briefly on the fathoms, and cut them into wedges, separately take 2 cups of white mushrooms and slice them, let them marinate with fresh oregano and olive oil. Take a can of black olives and drain them.

Bring your third flatbread back to the grill, and heat. Add mozzarella cheese in slices to cover the entire surface with a jet of olive oil. Once the cheese melts add the figs, mushrooms, and olives.

When serving, add a balsamic reduction jet.


Caramelized Onions, and Sausages Marinated in Beer

For this recipe, you will have to have previously sliced 6 Italian sausages and marinated from the previous night in two cans of dark beer and 2 tablespoons of Dijon Poupon mustard.

Separately take 2 large red onions, cut them into thin strips, and let them marinate from the previous night in 3 cups of Worcestershire sauce, 2 cups of brown sugar and 1/2 tablespoon of cayenne pepper.

Take your last flatbread and put it back on the grill to warm it up. Spread olive oil and 2 tablespoons of the mixture you used for marinating the sausages, let it heat a little more and place the sausages, and good amount Parmesan cheese slices, then add the onions, so that they cover the entire surface of the flatbread.

When serving, decorate with fresh basil leaves.

Once ready, cut into triangles inverted, serve them while they are still hot. Accompany them with a red wine of your choice

Being able to store them refrigerated makes this dish an excellent option for a party with friends or dinner for one when you do not want to cook. Toppings just like a pizza can be varied and combined according to your own tastes, and this makes them even more special because they can be served for any type of activity, sweet Flatbreads for a baby shower with your friends, or blue cheese Flatbreads with steak strips for a drinks night.