A Dessert Trend We’re Loving Right Now: Mosaic Wedding Cakes


mosaic wedding cake

Photo: Theo Milo Photography

A great dessert trend that we’re loving right now are mosaic wedding cakes.

From classic confections featuring flowers or piping  to a more non-traditional choice such as a black wedding cake or a show-stopping geometric wedding cakeor newer trends such as the cascade wedding cake there is a great deal of advice for choosing a wedding cake available so that you should have no problem finding a creative and tantalyzing wedding cake.

And as you pick your wedding cake or other dessert, be sure to keep in mind how many wedding guests you will be serving so that you can safely answer the question “how many slices will this cake make?” To answer that question, you only need to consult our handy cake servings guide as well as our handy infographic guides that tell you how many wedding guests you can serve for different cake shapes and sizes.

Here are some great mosaic wedding cakes, from Brides:

Whether it’s classic floral wedding cakes or glam metallic designs, there’s no shortage of big-day dessert trends. But lately, we’ve been seeing more and more of a certain style: mosaic wedding cakes. With intricate edible tiles hand-cut and fashioned in a brilliant array of colors, the detailed desserts are seriously stunning. Best of all: A mosaic cake is totally versatile. Depending on your wedding aesthetic, your baker can create a confection that looks and feels exotic and Moroccan or, for something on the opposite side of the spectrum, crisp and modern.

Here are some of our favorite takes on this wedding-cake trend.

Moroccan Wedding Cake with Blue Tiles (above): The mosaic patterns on this intricate three-tier cake by One Belle Bakery were inspired by the tilework seen in Moroccan architecture.

mosaic wedding cake

Photo: Courtesy of Wilton

Ikat Tiled Wedding Cake: The combination of painted ikat, textured tiles, and gilded leaves give this cake an exotic flair.

Pastel Zigzag Wedding Cake

Photo: AK Cake Design

Pastel Zigzag Wedding Cake: Allison Kelleher of AK Cake Design in Portland created this modern chevron cake covered in individually hand-cut and hand-painted triangles arranged to form vertical zigzags.

Fuchsia Tiled Wedding Cake: Another take on a Moroccan-themed cake, this confection by Jenny’s Wedding Cakes features a tiled pattern and intricate beading done in rich hues of fuchsia, purple, and gold.

mosaic wedding cake

Photo: Anna Williams

Marble Mosaic Cake: Pastry chef Wendy Sherwood of La Forêt created blush, gold, and silver white-chocolate tiles to mimic the look of elegant Italian marble.

Bronze Tiled Wedding Cake: The combination of golden bronze tiles with bright turquoise flowers on this cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop is surprising yet chic.

Hexagon-Tiled Wedding Cake: The ocean-inspired hues and crisp, hexagon-shaped tiles make this the perfect dessert complement to a modern beach wedding. This cake was created by Philadelphia’s Cake Life Bake Shop.

Purple Mosaic Wedding Cake: This towering confection by Florida bakery Kakes by Karen will definitely command attention at any reception.