6 Destinations To Celebrate Your Same-Sex Wedding

Same-sex weddings have become more accepted worldwide. To this date there are almost 30 countries united under the same flag of love and acceptance, respect and human rights equality.

South Africa (2006)

Argentina (2010)
Brazil (2013)
Colombia (2016)

Mexico (In some of its states)

Ecuador (2019)

Canada (2005)
United States (2015)

Germany (2017)
Austria (2019)
Belgium (2003)
Denmark (2012)
Slovenia (2017)
Spain (2005)
Finland (2017)
France (2013)
Ireland (2015)
Iceland (2010)
Luxembourg (2015)
Malta (2017)
Norway (2009)
Netherlands (2001)
Portugal (2010)
United Kingdom (2014)
Sweden (2009)

Australia (2017)
New Zealand (2013)

Taiwan (2019)

*In Armenia and Romania you cannot request a marriage between same sex couples, however they recognize and give rights to those who joined in marriage abroad.

Source: CNN

The right to be legally united with a contract to the person you love is for many just one more step, but for the LGBTQ community it is one in a long list of battles, victories and defeats to eliminate discrimination, to get through it.

If you are thinking of celebrating your LGBTQ wedding and want to guarantee that you will be in a healthy, hate-free environment, pay attention to the list that we have of countries where it is not only legal to marry, but you can also do it in a friendly, healthy and safe place, so that your partner and you can have the wedding you two deserve and celebrate with style. At the end of the day, we all want to  get married once in a lifetime, so make it big or go home.


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Although Denmark had already allowed ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples, now it also has accepted that formal weddings of gay couples be held by the church.

Copenhagen, with the largest number of restaurants and bars per capita in the world and with booths that open until 5 or 6 in the morning, is the ideal place where couples can celebrate their wedding in style until well into the morning.

New Zealand


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In August 2013, New Zealand became the first country in the Asia-Pacific region that officially legalized same-sex marriages.

Queenstown, which was already one of the favorite destinations for the celebration of weddings, is a city that offers spectacular landscapes depending on the time of the year: a flowery spring, a hot summer, an autumn of ocher tones and icy landscapes in winter.




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Montpellier considered by many as France gay capital, is also a beautiful city where you can celebrate a gay wedding. Located on the Mediterranean coast, in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, Montpellier has a very dynamic artistic scene and many young people. Among the great cultural offer, couples and wedding guests can choose between walking through the medieval buildings or attending a show.

The city, which enjoys a sunny Mediterranean climate, is close to some of the best vineyards in France, which is a plus.


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Gay marriage is only legal in some areas of Brazil, but the state of Rio de Janeiro agreed to legalize same-sex weddings in early 2013. And here people do know how to organize a good party. Known for its colorful carnival, rugged landscapes and hallmarks such as Ipanema Beach, Sugar Loaf and the statue of Christ the Redeemer (one of the seven wonders of the world), Rio de Janeiro offers a wide variety of activities to The wedding guests.


Netherlands Antilles

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Gay weddings were legalized in 2012. Although Holland was the first country to legalize gay marriage, it granted time to the island to integrate the law; like the island of Saba, that is a tolerant and respectful destination with the gay community for a long time, a characteristic that has paved the way for it to become an ideal place to celebrate a wedding with people of the same sex.

Sheltered and very quiet, the island is famous for being a good place for scuba diving, hiking, to get in direct contact with nature and its friendly inhabitants.


South Africa

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South Africa is the only African country that has legalized same-sex marriage. Cape Town is known as the most cosmopolitan city in Africa and is also one of the most beautiful. With some of the best wines in the world, beautiful mountains with flat tops, parks with sculptures and golden beaches, the shows offered in Cape Town are incomparable. With its so-called ‘gayborhoods’, like De Waterkant, Cape Town is very welcoming to the gay community. It is certainly safe to say that not many other gay wedding destinations have excursions to observe penguins and dive in shark cages. After the ceremony is over and the guests have left, stay on a honeymoon that anyone would be jealous of, a wonderful safari and a trip along the famous Garden Route.

We hope you have found options to your liking and that you celebrate your wedding in style, with your friends and loved ones, do not forget to share your photos and tag us!