17 Dinner Recipes That Make Just Enough for 1 Person

Here are 17 Dinner Recipes That Make Just Enough for 1 Person, from SELF,

Get in and out of the kitchen quickly with these one-and-done dishes.

At the end of very long days, I don’t want to spend more time in the kitchen than I have to. And when it’s just me that I have to feed, I can save a lot of time by only cooking enough food for one meal. Problem is, most of my favorite recipes make at least four servings. As much as I enjoy leftovers, I’m not always in the mood to strategically pack everything up when I’m done with dinner. Big-batch dishes are great for weekend meal prep when I have the time, but not when it’s almost 10 P.M. and I still haven’t eaten.

These 17 recipes all make just enough food for one person, no math required—so they’re perfect for those nights when you want something homemade but don’t want cooking to be a whole thing. And there’s something for whatever you’re craving, whether that’s mac and cheese, beef stew, roast chicken, or even breakfast for dinner.