4 Discreet Places to Show Off Spectacular Piercings

Perforations have always been an art that uses your body as a canvas to show a unique style and piercings are part of this.
For some people piercings can even cause significant problems to have. But we have listed 4 piercing placements where you could show off and enjoy yourself.

1. Rook Piercings

Your rook is an area of the upper inner ear just below the outer layer of cartilage. It’s a small fold of thicker cartilage that sticks out from the back of the ear.
Because of the complexity of the area, an option in minimalist style earrings can look perfect. You do not need a large element, just a detail that even at a distance can make you notice a different brightness in your ear.

2. conch piercings

There are two different types of conch piercings, outer and inner. The outer conch is the area just above the lobe and inside the outer cartridge ridge. The inner conch piercing will be on the same patch of the inner ear but just below where a rook piercing would be.


If you follow the outer edge of your cartilage from your outer ear all the way until it folds into the inner ear that is where a daith piercing would be.

4. inner helix piercingS

An inner helix piercing is on the cartilage just above where a daith piercing would be, along the flat surface of cartilage right by the head.
The best choice of earrings for this area is a series that can be seen very well together by theme. For example, stars and moons. Then you could use them separately and look just as well.

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