DIY Rope Covered Wedding Centerpiece



It is true that flower centerpieces are the most popular choice and there are many amazing, magnificent and gorgeous floral wedding centerpieces to choose from. But since flowers can be a big part of your wedding budget, it’s not surprising that many brides choose to go the DIY wedding flowers route. So, if you like DIY wedding projects, you will want to check out one of our excellent DIY flower centerpiece tutorials or the gorgeous DIY wedding centerpiece peony flower pomander urn

Of course your options are not limited to the standard vase and floral arrangement. There are gorgeous tall wedding centerpieces that create a dramatic atmosphere to highlight the beauty and stylish aura of your wedding tablescapes. Or distinctive and unique wedding centerpieces, such as fruit and veggie wedding centerpieceswhich will bring life to your wedding reception table, as well as many other unique and easy wedding centerpieces,including summer themed wedding centerpieces and brilliant wedding centerpiece ideas and stunning wedding centerpieces.

Here is a DIY tutorial for a rope covered wedding centerpiece, from Kate Aspen:

A rope wrapped centerpiece looks expensive, but this rope covered vase is really a simple thing to make! Add nautical flair to any table with this step-by-step DIY.

How to create a rope wrapped centerpiece:

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First, gather your materials (A craft bucket or pail can be found at your local craft store)

DIY Rope Vase | Nautical Centerpiece | Nautical Rope DIY | | | #kateaspen #diy #nautical #nauticalbridalshower

Step 1: wrap rope with a piece of tape (this will keep rope from fraying when you cut)

Step 2: Cut rope so you have a secure end

Step 3:  This is what your end will look like

Step 4: Secure end of rope at bottom of craft bucket with a little hot glue

Step 5: Wrap rope around bucket, securing it in several places along each wrap with hot glue.  One or two places with hot glue will be enough to keep it secure.

Step 6: Continue wrapping & gluing until you reach the top.  Repeat steps 1 & 2 for a secure end.

Step 7: Fill with fresh flowers in the colors of your theme and you have a beautiful nautical centerpiece!

DIY tip: craft buckets are not water tight, so place a glass container inside to hold water for your fresh arrangements