One Bride’s Top 20 Wedding Photos She Wants Taken On Her Wedding Day

Today we have one bride’s top 20 wedding photos she wants taken on her wedding day.

In addition to getting creative first-look wedding photo ideas of the bride and groom and other wedding couple photosyou want to have imaginative photo shots of the bridesmaids, of the groomsmen and of the entire wedding partyThe best way to make sure you don’t later regret not getting the wedding photo shots you want is to to have a wedding day must-have photo shots checklist and to make sure to meet with your wedding photographer well in advance to avoid confusion and disappointment. To help with that task here is a handy infographic that sets out the questions to ask your wedding photographer 

Many times wedding photos can be cheesy and unoriginal.  But if you want wedding photos that look and feel authentic and full of love, you can find amazing wedding photo ideas and poses to show your wedding photographer as a guide.

Here are the top 20 wedding photos one bride wants taken on her big day, from MYdreamweddingDAY:

After reading so many blogs and looking at billions of pictures on Pinterest, I noticed that during every single wedding you can find some pictures that are classic and taken by almost every wedding photographer. I chose my TOP 20 pictures I want to be in my wedding photo album. That might sound silly but I really think that so many couples choose to strike those poses and ask those pictures to be taken because it is  really beautiful (and because future brides spend too much time on Pinterest:)

1. Getting ready

I think it is a very nice to take those “getting ready” pictures before the ceremony because it shows all the excitement on bride’s and groom’s faces and conveys the atmosphere of the wedding better.




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2. The picture of bride’s dress and shoes

I think it’s a MUST to take a picture of the wedding dress and shoes for a wedding photographer! Dresses and shoes are girls best friends! Especially on this kind of occasion!


Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe

Something blue…


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3. Bridal bouqet

Knowing that brides spend a huge chunk of their wedding budget on flowers, a picture of bridal bouqet is necessary!!!


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4. Bride’s father seeing his daughter

I want my dad to be the first one to see his little baby girl looking so mature and ready to step the biggest step in her life.


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5. The “first look” 

So many couples can’t decide whether they should or shouldn’t do the first look, but I know, I am definitely doing it!


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6. Looking at each other like no one else is there

It is a picture where the bride and groom look at each other and it gives me a feeling that only two of them exist in this Universe. I don’t know if you understand what I mean, but look at them and you might get an idea.


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7. Just a BRIDE

After taking tons of pictures together, it is so beautiful to have a picture just of a bride herself. Enough said. Look at this gorgeous bride!


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8. Just a GROOM

Check this handsome groom!


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9. Rings

I think that no matter how expensive, amazing, original, sparkly or old fashioned your rings are, the picture of them MUST to be taken! You never know what might happen to them after 50 years of marriage, but you will still have some pictures to look at!


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10. Children in the wedding

I am talking about a flower girl, your sister’s brand new baby boy or your little nephew. Some wedding parties don’t want children to be during their “addult” event, but I think that children bring so much joy! I want some pictures taken of my little friends!


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Cait Jacob Bob Denny wedding Legare-Waring House Charles Towne Landing

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11. The ceremony

I think it is such a beautiful moment that is captured in so many angles. I don’t care about the angle, I just want that picture to show how I feel that moment. I and my significant other might shed a tear or two and I want my photographer to notice that.


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Shannon Barnett + Joe Meland's wedding at Cassique Country Club on Kiawah Island, SC. amelia + dan photography, charleston, south carolina, 843.801.2790, wedding and portrait photographer, modern vintage photojournalism

Shannon Barnett + Joe Meland's wedding at Cassique Country Club on Kiawah Island, SC. amelia + dan photography, charleston, south carolina, 843.801.2790, wedding and portrait photographer, modern vintage photojournalism

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I want guests to shower us with well wishes (and white rose petals as well:)!


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13. A kiss!!!


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14. Happy bridesmaids 


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15. Silly groomsmen


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16. A couple of funny pictures

Who doesn’t like them?! It takes away all the wedding stress! I love when the wedding is



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17. Bride and groom sitting on their chairs

I think those pictures look very beautiful and shows how a couple is going to be by each others sides for the rest of their lives.


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18. The cake

I have a sweet tooth, and I really want a picture of my wedding cake! I prefer me and my future husband in that picture as well!:)


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19. The first, second, third and final DANCES!

I think that the first dance does not necessarily have to be a classic one! A couple having fun on the dance floor makes the wedding guests so much more entertained! Also, the more time for dancing, the bigger opportunity to shake all the cake and extra calorie intake during the wedding! :)



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and finally…

20. A beautiful exit…

with SPARKLERS! YAY! and the final kiss :*



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I think that every couple would add some more pictures or poses they would like to be captured  during their BIG DAY, but for me, these are really important and beautiful moments I want to find in my wedding album and enjoy it for many  upcoming years.

P.S. I might add up some more pics later, these are the ones that I thought of immediatelly.

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