50 Dreamy Wedding Dresses You’ll Fall In Love With

From gorgeous vintage wedding dresses to lovely lace wedding dressesand more, here are 50 dreamy wedding dresses you will fall in love with, from BuzzFeed:

You’ll want them even if you’re not getting married. And they’re all available online.

1. “Emme” Vintage Lace Dress



Soft and sweet. $995 from Grace Loves Lace.

Note: All prices in $AUD.

2. “Beth” Vintage Dress


Anne of Green Gables wedding, anyone? $900 from Maggie May.

3. “Loren” Silk Chiffon Dress

"Loren" Silk Chiffon Dress

4. “Edie” Vintage Dress

"Edie" Vintage Dress

’70s prettiness that still looks amazing today. $1,000 from Maggie May.

5. “Clare” Capped Sleeve Dress

"Clare" Capped Sleeve Dress

Look like a mermaid princess. $1,050 from Grace Loves Lace.

6. Ivory Lace Layered Dress

Ivory Lace Layered Dress

Olde world beauty. $1,007.58 from Suzanna M Designs.

7. Ruffled Chiffon Dress

Ruffled Chiffon Dress

A waterfall of prettiness. $1,343.28 from Love, Maureen Patricia.

8. “Frida” Vintage Dress

"Frida" Vintage Dress

100% cotton lace, 100% beautiful. $1,000 from Maggie May.

9. Rosie Bodice with Grecian Godette Skirt

Rosie Bodice with Grecian Godette Skirt

Gorgeous for a garden wedding. $999.95 from The Babushka Ballerina.

10. “Ardelis” Ivory Gown

"Ardelis" Ivory Gown

Layers of loveliness. $1,370.76 from Leanimal.

11. “Vida” Dress

"Vida" Dress

Beautiful for a beach wedding. $900 from Grace Loves Lace.

12. Ballerina Babydoll Gown

Ballerina Babydoll Gown

Floaty and feminine. $630.55 from White Romance.

13. ’70s-Inspired Dress

'70s-Inspired Dress

Vintage style in a new form. $706.06 from Suzanna M Designs.

14. Cendrillon Cotton Tulle Dress

Cendrillon Cotton Tulle Dress

A magical merging of modern and vintage style. $904.70 from Holly Stalder.

15. “Luce” Dress

"Luce" Dress

Oh hey, ballerina bride! $500 from Love Found True.

16. “In the Month of July” Gown

"In the Month of July" Gown

Completely romantic. $1,014.78 from White Romance.

17. “Indiana Gold” Dress

"Indiana Gold" Dress

Fit for a goddess. $1,100 from Grace Loves Lace.

18. “Lipsy” VIP Dress

"Lipsy" VIP Dress

The label might say “party” but you can make the dress say “marry me”. $386.15 from Asos.

19. “Begonia II” Dress

"Begonia II" Dress

As gorgeous as a flower. $1,425.57 from The Flower Bride.

20. “Madeline” Gown

"Madeline" Gown

Classic and elegant. $1,840 from Rose and Delilah.

21. “Love Story” Dress

"Love Story" Dress

Beautiful draping in all the right places. $932.12 from Claire La Faye.

22. Notte by Marchesa Gown

Notte by Marchesa Gown

You don’t have to wear white to be a dreamy bride. $1,868.79 from Net-A-Porter.

23. “Queen for a Day” Gown

"Queen for a Day" Gown

When else do you have the chance to wear so much tulle? $2,193.22 from Claire La Faye.

24. “Verona” Dress

"Verona" Dress

Lace meets Hollywood glamour. $1,096.61 from The Flower Bride.

25. “Sherry Darling” Dress

"Sherry Darling" Dress

Tea-length and ladylike. $849.87 from The Peppermint Pretty.

26. “Nora” Lace Dress

"Nora" Lace Dress

Retro romance. $784.08 from Daughters of Simone.

27. “Isabella” Gown

"Isabella" Gown

Mr Darcy not included. $2,169.10 from Rebecca Schoneveld.

28. “Delicate Dots” Dress

"Delicate Dots" Dress

Whimsical and girlie. $904.70 from Holly Stalder.

29. “Before Sunrise” Gown

"Before Sunrise" Gown

Pretty in pink. $2,193.22 from Claire La Faye.

30. “Le Nouveau” Gown

"Le Nouveau" Gown

Old-fashioned elegance with a modern twist. $1,184.34 from Katie Jean.

31. “Gardenia” Dress

"Gardenia" Dress

Ideal for a springtime event. $1,206.27 from The Flower Bride.

32. Deco-Inspired Gown

Deco-Inspired Gown

Stand out in mint. $2,149.36 from Ouma.

33. “Vanille” Tulle Dress

"Vanille" Tulle Dress

Shine bright like a diamond. $1,801.52 from Atelier De Couture.

34. “Alice” Silk Chiffon Gown

"Alice" Silk Chiffon Gown

Love the touch of ruffles. $1,809.41 from Leanimal.

35. “Dreams Do Come True” Dress

"Dreams Do Come True" Dress

Sequins AND tulle, yes please. $986.95 from Ouma.

36. Vintage-Inspired Gown

Vintage-Inspired Gown

It’s all about the details. $1,096.61 from Motil Fine Design.

37. “Julian” Wedding Gown

"Julian" Wedding Gown

Easy elegance. $1,973.90 from Love By Isha.

38. “Ivy” Lacy Dress

"Ivy" Lacy Dress

Boho love. $1,351.04 from Daughters of Simone.

39. Shine Lace Dress

Shine Lace Dress

Look at that lace! $1,242.42 from Atelier De Couture.

40. “Blushing in Pink” Gown

"Blushing in Pink" Gown

A dream in blush. $1,074.68 from Ouma.

41. “Charleston” Dress

"Charleston" Dress

Distinctive and stylish. $219.32 from Alena Fede.

42. Chiffon and Lace Dress

Chiffon and Lace Dress

Airy and elegant. $965.02 from Mari Style Couture.

43. Smoked Peach Gown

Smoked Peach Gown

Old Hollywood star quality. $2,192.13 from Ting Bridal.

44. “Elise” Dress

"Elise" Dress

A style you won’t see everywhere else. $1,151.44 from Carousel Fashion.

45. “Alva” Beaded Gown

"Alva" Beaded Gown

Grey has never looked so good. $1,743.61 from Pantora Bridal.

46. Two-Piece Dress

Two-Piece Dress

Customise in your colour of choice. $1,644.92 from Glory by Jeannie Lee.

47. “Willow” Crochet Dress

"Willow" Crochet Dress

Hippie chic. $1,765.54 from Daughters of Simone.

48. “Maisie” Vintage Dress

"Maisie" Vintage Dress

Just a little bit daring. $800 from Maggie May.

49. “Eva” Dress

"Eva" Dress

Ethereal loveliness. $950 from Grace Loves Lace.

50. “Duchess” Gown

"Duchess" Gown

Low-key and lovely. $657.97 from Melissa Rene Price.