8 Drinks to Help You Lose Some Extra Weight

To lose weight there is no miraculous diet. It all comes down to a good diet, exercise, but mostly perseverance and willingness on your part to achieve your goals. Everyday life, work demands, family and our social life, don’t always leave us space to take care and to spoil ourselves.

That is why, in this article, we bring you some very simple drinks that you can add to your daily menu, to help you, not only lose weight, but to have a healthier lifestyle, and so you can see long term results.

Do not wait any longer and take note of these 8 Drinks to Help You Lose Some Extra Weight that we chose.

Green Teaimage by: Jessica Gavin Culinary Scientist

Green Tea

Probably Green Tea is very well known to you, but have you ever drank Cold Green Tea with lemon and mint?The Green tea is an extremely refreshing drink, which is full of antioxidants, and when combined with lemon juice and honey create the perfect drink, by mixing the sweetness, acidity and bitterness of its ingredients. Its preparation is extremely simple, you just have to fill a container with water (enough for a cup) and bring it to a boil, once you have reached it you turn it off, and place the water in a cup where you have previously added a tablespoon of honey and the juice of 1 lemon, then we add 1 bag of green tea or 5 grams of green tea leaves, and 4 leaves of mint. Cover the cup and let it rest for at least 5 minutes, then take a tall glass and place ice and with the help of a strainer, pour the infusion that we have in the cup Decorate with fresh mint leaves and enjoy these hot days with a refreshing and energizing drink, while taking care of your figure.

White Teaimage by: @teaprouk

White Tea

When we hear about white tea, we think of a complicated and very refined drink, sometimes it can be a little intimidating. For a cup of white tea you will use, 6 oz of water, 1 bag of white tea, or 4 grams of leaves, you can drink it alone or sweeten it with 1 tablespoon of honey, if it is organic better. Once the water has reached to boil, do not turn it off, leave the heat low and add the leaves. You will see how the color of the water changes from translucent, to light yellow, until it turns orange, the longer you leave it, the stronger the flavor will be. The best you can do is to try to find the point where your palate is satisfy. Once ready, serve in your favorite cup and enjoy.

Lemon Waterimage by: @pacificnorthvegan

Lemon Water

It’s as simple as it sounds, to make lemon water, you only need these two ingredients. For the modern woman we suggest to prepare it the night before and drink it as first thing in the morning after your exercise routine or as your regular water to drink during the day. For 16 onz of lemon water, you only need two large lemons, washed and cut into slices (remove the seeds, to avoid a bitter taste), let it stand at least 30 minutes. During the day if you run out of water, you can always add some more to the cut lemons that you already have, you just have to make sure that the water rests for the suggested 30 minutes.


Ginger Teaimage by: @sundarivijay_

Ginger Tea

Unlike the teas we have already mentioned, ginger tea comes from the root of the plant and not from the leaves it also, does not contain caffeine like the green tea and the white tea. Like the previous ones, you can buy tea bags at the supermarket, but it’s easy to do it naturally in your home, you just have to peel the root and then grate it. You put the water to heat and you add the striped genribre, for a cup of tea with a spoonful it will be more than good. You can sweeten it with honey and add a few drops of lemon. The ginger tea in addition to taking care of your figure, also protects your immune system and defends against colds and sore throats.

Vegetable Smoothies

image by: @kitchendiaries.89

Vegetable Smoothies

Never forget, eat your fruits and drink your vegetables! By its nature, fruits are delicious, but if you want to get all their nutrients it is better to eat them, unlike vegetables, which you will get more benefits after passing them through the blender. Remember, if your intention is to lose weight you do not add sugar to your drinks, if you can not recise, substitute sugar for organic honey. It is important that you wash the vegetables well before you start A mixture of celery, cucumber and parsley will speed up your metabolism and help you eliminate accumulated liquids in your body. A beet shake with kale will fill you with energy and raise your levels of beta-carotene And finally, a spinach and broccoli smoothie with a touch of spirulina, will help you sleep better, without gaining any extra weight.

Papaya Juice
image by: @miahmobcn

Papaya Juice

Papaya is one of our favorite fruits to lose weight, it is so versatile and perfectly combines with everything from orange juice for a tropical drink, to kale and celery. For the next drink, you will need 1/2 small papaya, 1/4 cucumber, 2 sticks of celery, 1/2 green apple and cinnamon to taste. Wash all the ingredients, it depends on you if you want to peel them or not, but remember that much of the fiber and vitamins are found in the skin of fruits and vegetables. Remove the seeds, cut into pieces and mix everything in the blender. Add the cinnamon to give a spicy touch to your drink, which is ideal to take it in an exercise routine.


Artichoke Juice
image by: @hotflavor_

Artichoke Juice

The success of artichokes and their juice is in a substance called cynarine, which helps you to maintain an adequate blood pressure and guarantees that your liver works properly. They are very rich in antioxidants because of the large amount of free radicals that they possess. In addition, the effectiveness of artichokes has been demonstrated by demining cancer cells so their use is very common in preventive and post-chemotherapy treatments. For an artichoke juice, take two of medium size, and verify that they are dark green. Wash them well and cut the ends of the stems Put the artichokes in 16 onz of water until they boil. The artichokes should darken their color and obtain a softer consistency. You can use the artichokes for dinner. Water can be taken as your regular water throughout the day.

Coconut Water
image by: @disarraydarling

Coconut Water

And finally we have our favorite, coconut water You can take the coconut water directly from the fruit, which you can find in the supermarket, or you can give it a delicious and healthy twist by adding milk of almonds and cinnamon. Fill your glass with 6 onz of coconut water, and them add 2 onz of almond milk, for a spacy touch don’t forget to add some cinnamon on top!

Now you have no excuse for not improving your diet and remember that true beauty is in health!