Easiest and Cheapest Fall Wedding Favors

Here are some ideas for your fall wedding favors, from Weddingomania

Edible Favors

Edible favors are a great idea for absolutely any wedding and any season, from fall to spring.

I strongly recommend to embrace the season with your favors, and it’s very easy to do, especially if you can cook.

tiny jars of homemade apple butter with a special message make a unique and sweet gift

salty caramel pears are a fresh take on usual apples and look very fall-like

pretzels are a great foodie favor idea for any wedding and any season and won’t break the bank

roasted pumpkin seeds serve as deliciously savory fall favors and won’t break the bank

pie in a jar favors are a tasty option for fall and winter weddings and everybody loves them

olive oil and balsamic vinegar wedding favors are ideal for an Italian wedding or if you serve Italian food

miniature bottles of hot sauce gathered in a basket and used as wedding favors with personalized tags

mini apple pie wedding favors shaped as apples are a cute and tasty idea you can easily DIY

maple syrup in a maple-shaped bottle is a great idea for an edible favor, for the fall or winter

Non-Edible Favors

If you wanna give something useful, try blankets or some light coverups if it’s gonna be chilly and you are going for an outdoor ceremony. If it’s a camping wedding, give camping mugs as favors, they can be personalized with a simple sharpie. Pumpkins are a great idea to embrace the season and can be used for fall decor at home. You can make up your own ideas that fit your wedding theme and venue, get inspired!

a camping mug is a great fall camping wedding favor and they look super cute

light blankets can be offered for an outdoor ceremony and as wedding favors at the same time

little pines planted into pots of your choice are a nice idea for a rustic fall wedding

miniature ghost pumpkins can be used as cute little favors and to display escort cards at the same time