7 Embroidery Tattoos That Even Your Grandma Will Love!

Embroidered tattoos with realistic effects are the new trend in tattoo studios, and they are causing a stir similar to what watercolor tattoos once had.

The designs of embroidered tattoos are so detailed, that they really achieve the realistic effect of having threads cooked to your skin, it’s just amazing. A very good optical illusion artwork. The drawing of the fine lines combined with thicker ones creates that effect. 

Embroidery style tattoos have two inspirations: cross stitch and crewel. That way, those who use the cross stitch are made up of small colored crosses. It certainly reminds us of a traditional accessory seen in the home of someone in the family, even in ours. How to forget the folders or tablecloths that have that embroidery that forms figures?


Subtle, sensual and elegant at the same time. A tattoo on the clavicle is always attractive, but this cross-stitch rose design makes it stand out even more.

What do you think of this flower tattooed on the forearm? The petals are designed in the cross stitch and then it is diluted towards the stem in the paint.

You can also tattoo a flower vine on your shoulders, the cross stitch design will make you stand out.

On the other hand, crewel embroidery is woven using two layers of yarn on linen, cotton or silk. Tattoos that are based on crewel mimic the fabric that looks like a fabric patch. This is how the impression is created that there really are fibers of threads on the dermis. No doubt the tattoo is a way to preserve the tradition of embroidery and weaving. Especially in a time when we have moved away from manual activities.


The technique in this tattoo is so perfect and detailed that it seems that this girl has threads on her arm. No more words, amazing!

Probably the most popular style with this technique: The Patches. A fun cooking machine, which refers to your profession? your hobby? Which patch would you choose?

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Cover Image by: Duda Lozano | @dudalozanotattoo