Engaged? Check These 10 Original Christmas Proposal Ideas

For many, Christmas is the most beautiful and happy time of the year. Everything is good wishes and purposes for the next twelve months, and nostalgia and melancholy for everything we have experienced invade us, so we get more romantic than usual. So, what better time than Christmas to propose to your partner to spend with you for the rest of his life?

It is not surprising that Christmas is the time of year with the highest rate of wedding proposals. The feelings are in full bloom at these parties and that translates (inevitably) into an increase in commitments. Asking “the question” is a magical moment and when it coincides with the Christmas season it is even more so.

The family is reunited and the general mood is of happiness and there is no better gift you can give your girlfriend: a life together (and a good ring). Therefore, you are clear. You are going to ask him to marry you at Christmas. But you want a romantic proposal in an original way that will leave her with the wedding open at this special moment. We have the best ideas to make that date an unforgettable day as a couple and start the rest of your life together.

Ask for it by putting the Christmas tree. There is nothing more romantic than decorating a tree together. So, why not take advantage of that moment? You can also wish her Merry Christmas on Christmas morning with a nice breakfast, a big kiss, and a (big) ring. Or if you ask him right after Christmas meal when the whole family is collecting the presents and taking out the nougat? A little planning is ideal to order on a romantic walk through your city, or while having a hot chocolate together to enjoy your vacation. You can even integrate the order into a Christmas carol or write it on a Christmas cookie.

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You could make a surprise gift hidden in a place where you can not imagine it, with a Christmas ball, hung on the tree, hidden in the roscón or even written with Christmas lights.

To choose the perfect date to ask for another option is New Year’s Eve and start a new year committed. The best time, in this case, is to do during the 12 bells and toast later. But our favorite (taking advantage of the season) is under the snow. We know we are romantic, what are we going to do.

Put in the environment, we are clear that if you want to propose marriage to your girlfriend you have to organize everything very well. You must keep in mind that to prepare a perfect hand request you must first decide if you want it to be between you two or throw yourself into the pool and want to do it in front of the whole family.

Before taking the final step and asking for marriage at Christmas to the woman of your life, you must be very clear on what day to do it. We advise you to choose one of the first holidays and then enjoy the holidays together and celebrate it with family and friends as God commands.

To make the plan as effective as possible, put your nerves aside and write on paper what you want to say so that you have everything clear and do not forget anything. Think about details that can make the atmosphere more romantic like candles or music and how you will take it to the chosen place.

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