The Eternal Seduction Of A Backless Wedding Dress

Are you looking for your wedding dress? Surely you already have in mind how you would like it to be, which comfortable bridal shoes will accompany it and which bridal bouquet is the most suitable to complete the bridal look. Surely the chosen one will get your attention for some detail, such as embroidery, a bow, the use of feathers or for its front or back neckline.

And it is that in recent years, the back of the woman protagonist of the great day has acquired great relevance in the bridal panorama to the point that in some designs it becomes the real center of attention. Do you want to know much more about this trend? Do not miss the proposals that succeed today.

Leave them all breathless!

Traditionally, the back of the wedding dress was a part of the suit that was barely important, but for a few years, it has acquired the prominence it deserved. The back of your dress attracts attention in a thousand different ways: drawing on the skin the elegant tattoo or tattoo lace effect, with transparencies of tulle illusion, decorated with romantic buttons, ties or ribbons, showing in all its splendor with vertiginous necklines … You’ll want to wear them all!

Cross Ties

This is the perfect alternative if you want to leave your back practically bare without highlighting much since the designs are decorated with crossed or laced braces. The latest trends bet on braces, swimmer types, which draw an elegant back. More things? In the same style, you can find fine laces or metal chains that will bring a touch of exquisiteness to the piece.

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Back With Neckline

The back with illusion neckline (designed with a type of tulle of the same name) is super romantic and lets you glimpse the bride’s skin when it is totally or partially covered with semitransparent lace, embroidery or plummet tulle, creating a visual effect of semi-nudity. The illusion neckline on the back is perfect to wear with short or French sleeves. If you opt for this type of neckline on the back it is advisable to choose a cross bra on the back and tied at the waist.

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Transparencies Lace

The effect is achieved with various designs of lace and subtle and studied transparencies. A back with lace gives a touch of romanticism and delicacy to any model, regardless of whether it is a simple wedding dress full of discretion or a more sophisticated model.

It is one of the most special and demanded proposals in bridal fashion, which can fully cover the back, create false straps and asymmetries, draw asymmetrical watermarks of floral, vegetable, baroque, oriental motifs.

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Jewels On Your Back?

Without a doubt, it is the most colorful option. What do you think if your wedding dress incorporates tiny jewels on the back? In the form of crystals, rhinestones, colored rhinestones, crystallized flowers, silver or gold threads, the jewel back creates spectacular watermarks that provide a majestic touch and a luxury effect without having to resort to any fabric.

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Is there anything more spectacular than an endless bareback? You will cause a sensation and you will fall in love with your guests while you are giving the “yes, I want” to the altar. In addition, it is an excellent way to put a sexy touch to your wedding style if you do not dare to wear a pronounced front neckline. Many of the new 2019 models incorporate them, especially mermaid-cut wedding dresses and elegant straight designs.

If you have already decided how your back is going to be, don’t forget to carefully choose the rest of the bridal outfit, especially a wedding hairstyle that suits you. And ask your partner about the style of her boyfriend suit to go together. You are both going to be beautiful on your big day!

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