Exotic Dishes Around The World. Do You Dare To Try Them?

If you are a fan of travelling, you will agree that an excellent way to connect with a new culture is through their local gastronomy.

But are you an adventurous traveler? Would you dare to try some of the most exotic dishes in the world? For some these culinary proposals are not attractive, for others they are real delicacies. What do you think?

Balut – Southeast Asia

Have you ever been afraid to think what would happen if you boiled and opened a fertilized egg developed? Then you would get a plate that would look like an embryo; This food is popular especially in Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam, China and the Philippines, where it is known as balut.

Balut - Exotic Food

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Casu Marzu – Europe

Casu Marzu in Sardinian, as well as its equivalent in Corsican, Casgiu Merzu, literally means “rotten cheese”. This food made from sheep’s milk and packed with live larvae has gained a reputation as the most dangerous cheese in the world and has been banned, despite the displeasure of the daring Italian and Corsican gourmets.

Casu Marzu

image by: MultiTopsThings | @top6six

Burgoo – Kentucky, United States

Kentucky is proud of its flagship, burgoo; The burgoo is a versatile stew that is made by simmering several types of meat and vegetables, on the outside. What’s the trick? The “meat” used ranges from squirrel and opossum to raccoon.

burgoo exotic food

image by: New Haven Raccoon Club

Escamoles – Mexico

If the bird eggs are not to your liking, then try the ant eggs. Escamoles, aka “Mexican caviar,” can be found in Mexico City. Ant eggs are particularly delicious when served with fresh tortillas.

escamoles exotic food

image by: Bartola San Angel | @bartolasanangel

 Sannakji – Korea

Would you like to eat seafood with an adrenaline accompaniment? The Sannakji, that is, pieces of live Korean octopus, could be the ideal dish for you. Every year, people die by choking when they try to swallow the pieces of the meandering baby octopus, due to their small suckers.


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Dry Lizards – Hong Kong, China

Dry lizards, a staple food in Hong Kong, emerge on the streets. While you can taste the lizards along the way, adding them to a soup and obtaining their numerous health benefits is also a good option.

Dried Lizard Exotic Food
image by: TACLUDA RGBSTOCKdriedlizards

Sea Cucumber – China

In China, Sea Cucumber is the main ingredient in many holiday dishes and, it is said to bring health benefits.

sea cucumbers EXOTIC FOOD


So far here, which one would you give it a try? Do you know some other exotic dishes around the world? Let us know!