Exquisite Short Wedding Dresses For The Big Day

Check out these Exquisite Short Wedding Dresses For The Big Day, from Glaminati,

When it comes to the wedding all ladies dream about beautiful gowns that will stand out. Yet, rarely we consider short wedding dresses in the search for that one perfect wedding dress. That is where most of us make a terrible mistake. The truth is that short dresses have many advantages over long pompous ones. The thing is that short dresses are always more comfortable not to mention the fact that you can show off your gorgeous legs. Apart from that, there are so many interesting designs to give a thought to. In case we have got your attention, we suggest you start browsing our exquisite gallery of unforgettable short wedding gowns. We are more than sure that you will not regret this!

Styling Tips For Short Wedding Dress Wearing

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Styling Tips For Short Wedding Dress Wearing #laceweddingdress #floralweddingdress

For many, it may seem that there is nothing special about wearing a short dress and there is no need to think about all possible tips and tricks. However, when it comes to your wedding day, things may get a little complicated, and you need to make sure that everything is flawless. That is why we offer you these simple styling tips to take into consideration:

The undergarment:

Even if you have a perfect body, it is always best to ensure that everything stays in place. That is why most brides-to-be opt for shapewear. However, it is not enough to get yourself one and wait until the day comes. You need to try it on and make sure that the size fits and that there will be no surprises during the wedding. At this point size really matters.

Thigh Chafing:

Yes, it is just as unpleasant as it sounds and you need to do anything to prevent it from happening during your wedding. Blister blocker and baby powder are your best friends here.

High heels:

This one may sound pretty obvious; however not all the brides pay enough attention to such a detail as shoes. The thing is that high heels look exquisite with a short dress and you shouldn’t leave this detail out when planning your wedding image.


Very often, brides think of their dresses as of sort of formal wedding wear. We say you have all the fun you can, especially if you are going to change after the format part. Add some feathers, rhinestones and dare to your look!

Simple But Elegant

To tell you the truth, very often when you think about a bridal dress you imagine something ethereal almost otherworldly. However, not all the brides like pompous looks. That is why we are going to tell you that simple short wedding dresses are not only existent but also versatile. You can have a look yourself!

Simple Satin Short Dress With ¾ Sleeves

Simple Satin Short Dress With ¾ Sleeves #satinweddingdress #simpleweddingdress

This little satin dress looks not less bridal than any other dress. Yes, it is simple, but it is over the edge elegant and feminine. There are times when these two details are the ones that matter most. Think about it!

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Elegant Short Dresses With Open Back

Elegant Short Dresses With Open Back #openbackdress #simpleweddingdress

Even a simple wedding dress can stand out. Do not trust us? See for yourself! The thing is that short wedding dresses with sleeves can look simple at times, but there are intricate details that take the charm to the next level. In this case, a dress with open back proves the point like nothing else.

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Simple Spaghetti Straps Wedding Dress

Simple Spaghetti Straps Wedding Dress #cuteweddingdress #simpleweddingdress

If you want to combine two feminine looks in one, then there is nothing better than a simple spaghetti strap dress. White dresses like this resemble a fragile ballerina who is about to become a bride, and there is something magical in this idea, don’t you think?

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Classic Wedding Dresses For Real Princesses

If you wish to be a princess when the day comes – we are totally up for it! However, we want you to know that you can look like that wearing a short wedding dress as well. The thing is that classic wedding dresses come with fluffy bottoms too. This means that you can kill two birds with one stone – feel comfortable and look like a princess.

V-Neck Short Wedding Dress With Lace Top

V-Neck Short Wedding Dress With Lace Top #lacedress #classicweddingdress

There are many cute short wedding dresses, yet the ones with lace always stay at the top. You do not need to introduce too much lace to look cute. The laced top is sometimes all that you need.

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Strapless Wedding Dress With Long Tail

Strapless Wedding Dress With Long Tail #longtaildress #shoulderoffdress

Those of you who cannot decide upon short of long they want to go – there is a perfect compromise. What we have in mind is a gorgeous short dress with a long tail. Every bride wearing such a dress will feel like a real queen.

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Lace Wedding Dress With Cap Sleeves

Lace Wedding Dress With Cap Sleeves #lacewedingdress #capsleevesdress

In case you wish to enchant everyone around you with your beauty, good taste and gentleness, we may have something in store for you. The thing is that such an exquisite lace dress with cap sleeves is truly a dream come true!

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Boho Style For Wedding Dresses

Often when you think boho style you think of maxi length. However, that is not always the case. Do you wish to learn why? Let’s have a closer look at these boho short wedding dresses!

Bohemian Lace Short Wedding Dress

Bohemian Lace Short Wedding Dress #bohoweddingdress #bohemiandress

The dress is short and light, perfectly suitable for hot summertime season. Bohemian lace is what makes this dress so special despite what you may have expected. To complete your bohemian look, add some flowers to your hair, and you will look fantastic!

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Cool Bohemian Dress With Fringe

Cool Bohemian Dress With Fringe #bohoweddingdress #fringedress

Many details define boho style; however fringe is surely the well-known one. If you want everyone around you to know that you are wearing a dress in boho style opt for fringe and you will not regret it!

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Asymmetrical Boho Wedding Dress With Long Sleeves

Asymmetrical Boho Wedding Dress With Long Sleeves #bohodress #bohemiandress

This is the time when you play not only with the color and style but with material as well. This boho dress steps away from all regular wedding-dress material and offers you something entirely different. It is both simple and extraordinary. Just the perfect pick for those who wish their wedding day as well as the look to be remembered.

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Charming Vintage Short Dress

Vintage short wedding dresses deserve special attention since there are so many eras they can involve. If you are looking for something oldie but goldie – this may be the right chapter for you!

Stylish Shift Dress

Stylish Shift Dress #retrodress #shiftdress

A shift dress is the one that grants you that elegant and breezy look. What is more, it looks perfectly vintage with that huge beautiful bow on the back. Add a suitable hat to your look and the vintage vibe will be just overwhelming!

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Retro Dress With Short Sleeves

Retro Dress With Short Sleeves #retrodress #retroweddingdress

In case you always wanted to sport a Marilyn Monroe look – your wedding is the best suitable occasion. Opt for a white retro dress with sleeves and black belt to look like a fabulous retro style icon!

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Feminine Vintage Halter Wedding Dress

Feminine Vintage Halter Wedding Dress #retrodress #vintagedress

The beauty of vintage dresses lies in their design that was created to enhance and underline your femininity. The material combined with a color and then completed with perfect design will make you look simply otherworldly!

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Modern Wedding Dress – To Be In Trend

The truth is that those of you who are considering short wedding dresses are already quite modern. That is why we suggest you embrace that calling to the fullest.

V-Neck Wedding Dress With Modern Pattern

V-Neck Wedding Dress With Modern Pattern #modernweddingdress #moderndress


A modern wedding dress should be not only stylishly designed, but also the details should be appropriate. In this case, we see that everything is in place, starting with a revealing V-neck and ending with an interesting pattern. What is more, the metallic belt emphasizes the modern era perfectly.

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One Shoulder Satin Dress

One Shoulder Satin Dress #satindress #modernweddingdress


Modern does not necessarily mean too open or too complex. You can always come up with something in the middle. For instance, one shoulder off satin dress is exactly what we have in mind. Such a dress will accent your gentle and fragile silhouette with both strictness and sensitiveness.

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¾ Sleeves Wedding Dress with Floral Decor

¾ Sleeves Wedding Dress with Floral Decor #modernweddingdress #floralweddingdress


Weddings and flowers always go hand-in-hand. That is why a modern floral wedding dress is surely worth your attention. It is short, quite simple, undeniably elegant and of course stylish. What else should you wish for in a short wedding dress?

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Nontraditional Wedding Dress – Create Your Own Look

We have come to the notion of informal short wedding dresses. To tell you the truth we stick to the point that there are no formal either informal dresses fit for a wedding. There are dresses that you wear to your wedding, and that is it. That is why if you want to set your imagination free – go for it and we are reaching out a helping hand full of ideas!

Chic Wedding Dress With Rhinestones And Ostrich Feathers

Chic Wedding Dress With Rhinestones And Ostrich Feathers #uniqueweddingdress #chicweddingdress


This short wedding dress is surely modern and totally chic not to mention over the edge fab. If this is the dress, you fall in love with at the first sigh – do not hesitate to wear it when the big day comes!

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Shoulder Off High Wrap Dress

Shoulder Off High Wrap Dress #uniqueweddingdress #moderndress


No one says that you can’t experiment with your wedding look and pull of the one you simply adore. This shoulder off wedding dress may not be quite traditional; however, it is simply outstanding in its simplicity and elegance.

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Asymmetric Tulle Cape

Asymmetric Tulle Cape #asymmetricweddingdress #uniqueweddingdress


It has been already mentioned that your short wedding dress does not need to be short in general. You can add exquisite parts to the design that will make your dress one on the kind. For example, you can spice a beautiful short dress with an asymmetric tulle cape so that anyone who sees you freezes in awe!

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Short wedding dresses are having a major comeback, and you need to know every detail about it. If by any chance, you have been considering a short wedding dress – this is the article you have been looking for!